What is a good capture device to be used with wirecast

I am getting to the point of switching from webcams to normal cameras with HDMI out.  This is mainly because of the lighting on my webcams and they also require USB C and my computer even with an extra card can only support two of them.  So i was looking for a quad capture card that will work with wirecast that I could bring in more quality cameras in and be able to adjust zoom on the camera instead of software.  (I always seem to lose quality even if record at 4K and stream at 720)  so hoping doing the zoom on the camera will fix that issue.  trying to do four cameras two for the host and two for the guest (wide and zoom each)  This should allow me to make enough scenes that are engaging as well and looks good with proper lighting.  The webcams just don't do well behind a teleprompter when you use LCD studio lights.  Anyone have really good experience with their capture card???

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    • Jens Jarke
    • Jens_Jarke
    • 9 mths ago
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    Magewell, BMD, Yuan all have good cards. I personally not using my XI400DE-SDI anymore because I have switched to NDI completely. If you already have the cams then a capture card is an option. If you need to buy the cams as well then you may want to take a look into birddogs offerings. They have a box cam and PTZs. Also when browsing take a look at their encoders.

    Why NDI and not capture card? NDI is a more general standard. You can even pick up the signals from a laptop without the need of external capture solutions. So with NDI you are more flexible.

    • CraigSModerator
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    • CraigS
    • 9 mths ago
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    The caveat about NDI is that you need to be sure you have the local network bandwidth for it. NDIHX helps with that as it uses much less bandwidth than full NDI but there may be added latency.

    Blackmagic and Magewell cards are generally well supported. We list supported cards here.

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