Wirecast needs to remember monitoring track

Can I request that Wirecast remembers the selected track for monitoring a project.

We currently use monitoring of track 2 to enable the setup of various external mix-minus mixes for on-air presenters and guests (using an external mixer).

It's a catch that every time Wirecast is restarted and a project loaded, the monitoring track defaults back to track 1.



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  • I'm not sure I understand this. Wirecast settings are generally saved with the document.

    I'm not sure how you are monitoring tracks since Wirecast doesn't yet have a track buss assignment option. Mix minus is a setting in the shot's System Device settings.
    Sources have track/channel assignments for Recording and Streaming.


    The Monitor button toggles the source audio when monitoring Preview or Live output.

  • We have streams that have a lot of video playback that our presenter needs in her in-ear mix-minus.

    All videos in Wirecast are set to play audio to track 1 and track 2

    Track 1 is streamed

    Track 2 is set as the monitored track (or Audio playback track) in audio mixer dialogue box (see screen shot). This enables us to create a mix-minus on our external mixer.

    It is this 'Audio Playback --> Audio Track Selection' that is not saved with the Wirecast project.

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      Shaun Humphreys Thanks for that example I tested by setting my own document that way, saved the document, and opened it and Audio Mixer Audio Track Selection was reverts to One as you describe.
      Investigation WIRE-18945

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      Shaun Humphreys Please test Wirecast 14.3 Beta.

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