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I have seen posts indicating problems with Mac Studio and Screen Flow. But is the Studio fine with just streaming in Wirecast? I don't record, but I do plan on streaming in 4K and 1080p simultaneously.

Also, and I realize this might not be the best forum to ask this, I plan on recording (to an M.2 card in my JVC camera) at ProRes at a rate of 1 TB/hour. Would a Mac Studio Max with 64GB RAM, 10-Core|32 Core be able to handle this amount of data in Premiere Pro (or possibly Final Cut)? Or do I need a Mac Studio Ultra with 128 GB, 20-core|48 Core? I don't do heavy editing, usually just simple titles, and possibly a contrast correction.

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    Wirecast should work well on Mac Studio Max. CPU use may depend on sources as well as encoder settings but the two frame sizes you mention shouldn't be an issue in and of itself. The Max should be enough for most professional uses. Ultra might be useful if you're shooting and editing a lot of RAW codecs (Cannon RAW, Red RAW, Arri RAW for example)

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