Hi, Screenflow 10 has basically become unusable on my Mac. I've reinstalled it about 5 times and it appears to clear the issue, until the next time I try to load it (can be the next day or next week), then it takes about 3-5mins just to launch the app.


• Computer hardware including screen size (Specific Mac Model)
• OS version (12.4)
• ScreenFlow version (10.0.6) and not Mac App Store version
• external devices recording from and how are they connected to computer - Yeti Mic
• Scratch disk location in preferences if it's hard drive record or playback issue - n/a
• Free hard drive space - 14gb
• Number of Monitors if more than one and screen size of each - none
• Complete Export settings if it's an export or encoded file playback issue - n/a
• Step by step workflow - see above
• Source files used in your project - generally saved to Mac, some into Dropbox
• What you are recording - screen, video, audio
• Error messages if any - none (just takes a while to start)

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    James P said:
    Free hard drive space - 14gb

     There is very little free space. That can certainly slow things down as temp files, background tasks, and macOS access the drive. As a rule, always have at least 20% space free including after recording.

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