ability to play and loop videofiles in multiviewer

We are using multiviewer to control TV screen on our livestreams. We usually have guests from rendezvous on this screen and everything works fine, but when we don't have guests it would be great to have ability to put some mp4 video there looping.

At the moment if you add shot with videofile to multiviewer you can see that 1 still frame there and if you move timeline on preview you can switch that one frame to something else. Still videofile wont play on multiviewer. Only way to get playing mp4 there is to put 'live' --> multiviewer and then play that videofile in livestream.

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  • The developers may want to know why looped files specifically and what happens to non-looped files when they end.
    Do you only want looped files to play? 
    Why this specifically? The developers will want to know the use case.
    Also given the potential number of looped files playing simultaneously in Multi-Viewer there might be a considerable impact on system resources. For example, Wirecast might play one looped file when live but a document could have scores of looped files with Multi-Viewer possibly handling 17 or so, all of which would have to be playing continuously when not live.

    Just letting you know why a user may be thinking of just a single looped file but the developer may have to consider the potential for a much higher number as well as what to do with single play files. That's why these can become complex. Imagine further these might be HEVC files from phones etc rather than H.264.

    One variation is that the file plays in Muli-Viewer only when it goes live.

    • CraigS 
      In our use case we have one external monitor always in our studio view and is usually used for showing rendezvous guests. It is operated with multi viewer so we can quickly change content to different guest placeholders or still picture. However when we have actual live guests in studio and no rendezvous guests we want to fill this monitor with something else than still picture. (animated content is better than static content)

      It would be great to be able use any shot with videofile in that multi viewer screen and have some kind of playback controls to play file when needed or make it loop.

      Default behavior could be same as now to reduce unnecessary resource usage. We only need some kind of button/switch to enable playback controls in specific multi viewer window.  

      This would also enable us to improve livestream shows where upcoming insert video would first start playing in that external monitor and after couple of seconds we could cut to actual insert video for full screen view.

    • CraigS 

      Yes almost always we only have single out into the monitor (fullscreen shot + no borders).

      And yes it would be great if it included switching to other file or just switch between existing shots (which can include different files).

  • Sampsa Halmesaari said:
    Yes almost always we only have single out into the monitor (fullscreen shot + no borders).

     The issue is that other people use multi-viewer differently. The resources needed to do that in Multi-viewer may be severe if using multiple shots.

    The problem is you may be using multi-viewer in a way not intended. Multi-viewer shows the shots in the Main Layers. Video files in the Main Layers don't play until they go live. Having them play while not live could well bring the most powerful computers to their knees. Imagine looping a score of HEVC files in real time plus doing other Wirecast functions such as ISO Recording, Local Program Recording, Live Streaming to multiple generations.

    Some might consider using multiple external players that loop playback and bring those into Wirecast using NDI or hard-wired (depends on your resources) and those shots would then be looping and can be presented in Multi-Viewer. The other file players (ideally on a separate computer) would have the resource burden of playing them back.

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