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I am trying to Simulcast to YouTube and RTMP (Instagram resolution) using a third party Castr. I have both stream outputs set up properly but can't get the YouTube one to play in it's full resolution. It takes the instagram resolution and widens it. Is there a way to edit separate output streams? Can I resize content in one of the streams? 

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  • You are able to used different presets. But remember that each variance will end up in a new rendering process eating up your resources. Usually one wants to stream a single high quality stream 1080p at 6-10 mbps into the cloud and distribute from there to the different distribution channels. Some will need to be transcoded in other formats fitting the target requirements.

    Wirecast has a restream service but they are not the only and not the best on the market. Some vendors entire business is in re-distribution. I recommend taking a look at them.

    To end up with low CPU you would want to ingest/stream/record all with the same setting and resolution. Very obvious.

  • Jens Jarke Thanks for taking time to respond. What would you recommend doing if we need to be outputting to Instagram AND Youtube? 

  • I can offer to set up a test with you and my streaming provider. Basically you need a service that supports custom RTMP output (ideally transcoded into different resolutions, depends on the target platform) from a single high quality RTMP feed you send to them.

    As I said. Telestream Cloud is one option. Restream.io another. Just to name the most obvious.

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    Bobby Clinkert I think part of the issue is that Instagram doesn't officially support streaming from desktops. The services that support it are doing "hacks" often tricking Instagram into thinking it's getting a mobile stream.

    I'm working with a client that needs to go to Facebook and Instagram and I haven't yet found a service that I'm happy with. There's a thread elsewhere on this forum mentioning such services.

    It might be worth considering running two Wirecast documents in which one can be set to an Instagram "expected" aspect ratio.

    Facebook owns Instagram so one keeps hoping they'll make this easier at some point. For example, send one stream and have it forward as a center crop to Instagram.

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