Disk Full???

What's up everyone...


I just got Screenflow and I love it so far. I find it quite easy to get to use it, but I stumbled on a problem...


I was recording a new video for my e-course and suddenly came up with "Disk Full... recording stopped" or something like this.


I have 50GB available and the video was literally 6 min long.


I am not sure what to do with this and would love a hint on how to fix this.


Thanks in advance for any responses.




P.S. - Screenflow 10 and fully updated Macbook Pro BigSur 11.5.2

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  • Both the OS and ScreenFlow need "temp" space to perform various functions. Generally a drive should have 20% or more free space even after recording and saving. 

    If it's a temp space in use issue, often rebooting the computer can help that. 

  • Thanks for your reply.


    There is definitely more than 20% of space on the disk.


    As you said I cleared old files and rebooted the computer, yet the problem persists.

    The message comes up every 6-7 min into the recording and once I save the session I can go back to record another set of 6-7 min which is absolutely a pain if this is how my future work will be like.


    There has to be something that can be done, and I'd appreciate it if you could help me further.


    Attached is a copy of the error message.




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      Rodolfo Are you recording to the System Drive or an external drive (check your ScreenFlow Scratch Disk settings in ScreenFlow Preferences). This can happen with drives formated for Windows use as they can limit file size.

  • Hey CraigS I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software and it seems to work again. Love it. Question for you... if I have an mp4 video how could I add it to ScreenFlow to edit it? Is it possible at all?

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