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Hi there,


I am wondering if there is a way to schedule graphics/alpha channel videos to play at a set interval, for example play video file X every 5 minutes.


This would be useful for sports broadcasts where you have sponsor logos that need to be shown (using the image carousel, enabling a full rotation every X minutes) or to display certain overlays automatically (such as a little advertisement banner on the bottom).


Is there a way to do something like this? If there's no feature for that, maybe there is a workaround to get a similar result.

Thank you in advance.




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  • I think this is more a question for NewBlueFX - Wirecast has some limited title capabilities, but something with that complexity needs to be external I think.

    Greg Kuhnert

  • NewBlueFX Titler Live which is free with Wirecast has some interesting features worth exploring.

    That said there's been interest by some users for various aspects of scheduling.
    Timothy Ross  developers like to hear specific use cases. Can you describe exactly how you'd use this feature. I can certainly guess but the developers would want to hear your description.

    Depending on what you are doing, you can create a playlist and, if the content's timing is exact, you can do that.

    See this in which a live shot plays for a set time and then the same live shot with title for a set time and the playlist loops back again.

  • Please note, from someone who has tested NewBlue on a multitude of systems, it's current bugs and CPU requirements far outweighs even Wirecast, and on top of that there is next to no support for when you have problems. My recommendation would be to see about doing a small locally hosted web-based solution that you could bring in with a browser. Using WebRTC to enable / disable overlays, you can use transparencies, animations, and dynamic content WITHOUT the need for your system to pre-render prores files for playback.

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