Wirecast 14.0.3 Released October 12, 2020

  • 2 yrs ago

Link to PDF Release Notes

Wirecast 14.0.3

• Fixes:
• WIRE-18045: Updated the Lumens PTZ Profile, which may have the happy
consequence that some Sony cameras will now work with this profile.
• WIRE-18030: We now limit the Multiviewer render frame rate to the canvas frame
rate, which should reduce the amount of background processing going on.
Previously this would always render at 60Hz.
• WIRE-18028: We removed the Stream Now event for YouTube Destination, since
YouTube has removed this option.
• WIRE-18027: Fixed a Backenderror when creating a YouTube Event. No one wants
a backenderror.
• WIRE-17990: Fixed a crash that could occur if you edited a YouTube Scheduled
Event and that Event mysteriously returned a start date of 1/1/1970.
• WIRE-17955/WIRE-17941: Text Scrolling now works when OS is set to any
language other than English.
• WIRE-17934: We re-enable Global Keyboard Shortcuts on macOS Big Sur. If you
were following closely, we disabled them on Catalina because they caused a crash.
Big Sur doesn’t have that issue.
• WIRE-17913: RTMP output stream field can now be empty, and you can write
your own stream name into the field.

Known Issues
• NOTE: XKeys Controller does not currently work on macOS Big Sur. If you plan to use XKeys with Wirecast, we advise you to stay on macOS Catalina or Mojave.
• NOTE: As part of the fix for WIRE-17286, on BlackMagic devices, we now identify them via hardware ID instead of enumeration order. The fallout is that if you have a document that once referred to one piece of hardware it may fail to initially reference a different piece of hardware. The workaround is to use the asset manager to replace the references to the new hardware. Once done, that document should save your new sources as expected.

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