ScreenFlow 10.0.9 Released March 28, 2023

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Link to PDF Release Notes


10.0.9 – Fixes

● FLOW-11679: User losses recording due to “Internal Error”
● FLOW-11637: ScreenFlow deletes duplicate named file even when canceling export to avoid replacing
● FLOW-11631: Strike out inactive selections in New Recording tab
● FLOW-11509: Changing Grayscale Slider on Animated Title causes ScreenFlow to hang on
● FLOW-11445: Memory Leak on M1 machines when doing a hardware acceleration export
● FLOW-11191: Horizontal Snapping does not work....
● FLOW-11710: Sources with 0-based timestamps not working in ScreenFlow
● FLOW-11705: Opening another version of ScreenFlow prior to saving a document, causing Internal Validation Error
● FLOW-11658: MOTU 8A causes ScreenFlow to crash
● FLOW-11649: Telestream Audio Capture version info
● FLOW-11569: Remove Facebook Publishing from the ScreenFlow user guide.
● FLOW-11577: Smooth vs Sharp setting in ScreenFlow preferences, affecting imported objects and text
● FLOW-11531: Filters & Effects (Color Effects) needs to be updated in User Guide (Feb 18 2022)
● FLOW-11435: Vertical snapping is out of position
● FLOW-10624: Provide education based copy for Core Filters in ScreenFlow User Guide
● FLOW-11703: ScreenFlow shows 2022 copyright date: update to 2023

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