Wirecast 14.2 Released April 28, 2021

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Link to PDF release notes

Wirecast 14.2

New & Improved:
• New! Apple Universal Support - Now Wirecast can be run natively on M1 Macs

• New! Placeholders and Shot Templates: New and improved Shot Templates let you easily add a pre-configured shot layout to your document or save any shot as a Template. And assign cameras or sources to Placeholders to quickly add a source across a number of shots in your document. Especially useful for pre-configuring shots for Rendezvous guests!

• New! Secondary Display Output (Pro-only): Adds a new type of output that sends the live program feed to a secondary display without the need for specific hardware. Great alternative for hardware-based program out but can also be used as an alternative to Virtual Camera/Microphone when paired with a capture device.

• New! Lock Shot Icon: Now you can take a snapshot of your live shot and save it as the icon thumbnail image.

• New! Shot ISO indicator: You’ll see a tally indicator on shots that are currently being ISO recorded.

• New! PTZ Control of X-Series Sony cameras: Added Sony X-Series VISCA/UDP protocol profile in the PTZ controller.

• New! LinkedIn Live Auto-Captions support: Make your LinkedIn Live broadcasts more accessible by adding auto-generated captions to any LinkedIn Live video.

• New! Updated the app icon to Big Sur style on macOS: It’s minor, but thought we’d mention it.

• New! Input connection selector for Blackmagic devices: This new option lets you select the type of video/audio input connection (HDMI/SDI) used for incoming Blackmagic Designs sources. This helps ensure you have the right connection chosen, to reduce errors in your incoming sources.

• New! Audio in Web Page source: Added the ability to adjust audio from a Web Page source as well as stream it out as part of your broadcast.

• Improved! Several Clock enhancements including:

    Auto-start countdown: An option to automatically start the countdown clock when    it gets pushed live, saving time and clicks.
    60+ min: Added the ability to set times in minutes greater than 60 minutes, useful in sports and other applications.
    Countdown to specific date: Countdown to a specific date and time, for longer broadcasts and countdowns.
    New display options: Including US-centric date formats, and a day-of-the-week- only option.

• Improved! Text Scrolling improvement: There is now a checkbox option in the scrolling section of the text source properties (defaults to enabled) titled "Restart when pushed live". If enabled, scrolling will restart from the beginning when the shot containing the text source is sent live.

• Improved! Virtual Microphone monitoring on Windows: Now in Windows you can monitor of the audio output of Wirecast while outputting the Wirecast virtual microphone.

• Improved! Windows Installer Improvements: Just making it a better experience for all.

• Improved! Rendezvous guests in Favorites tab: Rendezvous guests will now appear in the Favorites tab if Rendezvous Shot is favorited.

• Improved! M4V files can now be selected.

• Improved! Image Carousel: Improved rendering for Image Carousels

• Improved! Automatic image downscaling: Images larger than the current
document's canvas will now be automatically downsized before being loaded into
Wirecast for better performance.

• Updated technologies:

    VLC library: Updated libVLC to version 3.0.12
    CEF: Updated Chromium Embedded Framework to version 88.0.4324.182.
    NDI: We’ve updated to versions 4.6.2 (Windows) and the (M1 supported beta) 4.6.1         on Mac.
    WebView2: Now using WebView2 for embedded browsers on Windows.

• WIRE-18688: Windows installer now installs correctly on Windows 10 N editions.
• WIRE-18672: Fixed a rare crash on macOS.
• WIRE-18607: Fixed an issue with Virtual Microphone on M1 systems.
• WIRE-18686: Now you can happily hear sound when using Secondary Display Live
Output with audio devices that have more than 2 channels.
• WIRE-18637: Made the Wirecast Support Assistant app on Windows legit by code signing it.
• WIRE-18616: Fixed a memory leak that would slowly grow over time when capturing Remote Desktop Presenter sources on macOS.
• WIRE-18608: Disabled LinkedIn Live Draft Mode until it’s officially supported by
• WIRE-18593: Fixed some issues with NDI sources.
• WIRE-18588: Removed Telestream Cloud Settings from Wirecast Output Settings as we are sunsetting this service. See more info here.
• WIRE-18581/WIRE-18531/WIRE-18366: Fixed a rare crash that could occur when
running Wirecast with other programs on Windows.
• WIRE-18548: Made some improvements to media playback on macOS.
• WIRE-18544: Added Title and Description requirement for Facebook streams.
• WIRE-18533: MIDI and XKeys controllers are now working on macOS.
• WIRE-18526: Custom Mattes now again display in the Shot Layer Properties menu.
• WIRE-18472: Fixed a crash that could happen if “Keep Reading File” was checked in a Text File Mode shot.
• WIRE-18467: Localized dates correctly in Clock Widget.
• WIRE-18463: Fixed a crash when opening certain older documents with a countdown Clock source on Windows.
• WIRE-18461: Fixed a crash that could happen when playing certain MP4 files on
• WIRE-18442: If you switch Timestamps mode while outputting, this should no longer introduce an A/V sync issue.
• WIRE-18416: Fixed an issue prohibiting some MP4 files to be imported.
• WIRE-18414: Fixed a rare crash when a program is making OLE scripting calls at
• WIRE-18400: Fixed an issue with the Wirecast installer on Windows silently failing if
Wirecast is running in the background.

• WIRE-18395: Fixed Clock Widget crashing if reset button is clicked in countdown mode when an invalid time format is specified.
• WIRE-18389: Now the Clock Widget won’t annoyingly show you an alert message twice when an invalid time format is specified. You’ll be alerted once. So pay attention.
• WIRE-18349: We no longer will allow installation of Wirecast on Windows 10 versions less than 1809. Please update Windows.
• WIRE-18324: We made it easier to save a Shot ISO Filename value by clicking OK.
• WIRE-18303: Fixed a Rendezvous conundrum where guests wouldn’t actually leave a session if they disconnected while the host was ending the session. (There’s probably a joke here about guests overstaying their welcome...)
• WIRE-18295: We now disable ONVIF devices by default. This can be enabled in the
Preferences->Advanced section.
• WIRE-18289: Fixed an issue where some saved documents (specifically with long audio asset names) couldn’t be reopened.
• WIRE-18287/WIRE-18286: Removed CEF and activated WebView2 for embedded OAuth browsers in Output Settings.
• WIRE-18260: Now your Output Settings will not be overwritten when you delete another Output destination.
• WIRE-18211: Fixed a minor issue where long shot/source names would cause the Add Source dialog box to expand.
• WIRE-18203: Fixed a Typo in the install Telestream Audio Capture alert dialog. Nothing to see here.
• WIRE-18197: Fixed privileges for LinkedIn Live – Now it only retrieves company pages for which you are an admin.
• WIRE-18126: Fixed some strange behavior with Image Carousels when you set a long transition time.
• WIRE-17917: Automatically downscale images larger than the maximum canvas size to avoid crashing when the image is larger than the maximum Metal Texture dimensions on macOS.
• WIRE-17607: Fixed an issue where certain images wouldn’t display in the Image Carousel.
• WIRE-16688: Fixed an issue where Live Audio would not play after loading documents set to show Preview only.
• WIRE-13900/WIRE-13613: Fixed an issue where Multiviewer would not discretely output to certain HDTV displays when they were the exact same model.

• WIRE-18573: Mainconcept H.264 encoder is not supported on M1 systems.
• WIRE-18572: Unicast and Multicast Outputs are not supported on M1 systems.
• WIRE-18517: Starting an x264 encoder crashes Wirecast when running in
Rosetta. We’ve decided not to support Rosetta mode.
• WIRE-18496: Legacy Text source has been removed. This means that certain Legacy
Text properties that are not compatible with the new Text Widget won’t be available.

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