Snap issue - does not snap to edge

Just upgrade to version 10 from 9.  Important to point out that this issue did not persist with V9.

Steps are...

- Record on Retina screen

- Resize screen recording to a 2560 x 1440 canvas.  

When resizing the screen recording it snaps to the left and right edges fine - but the top of the recording misses.  It's a few pixels off, consistently every time.

Anyone have an ideas or a V10 bug?  See screenshot

I will be honest, I am not bowled over by V10.   There is still a lot of UI bugs that have been there for a while (time line thumbnail being incorrect for one), the maddening export dialog which doesn't follow Apple design and has a bunch of unnecessary clicks if you want to change directory.

Also performance seems to be worse.  Quite often I will hit the space bar.  The scrubber will stay static, then jump and audio / video will be out of sync until I hit spacebar again, wait a second and tap once more.

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