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I'm working on a live stream with a few guests who will be webcam speaking but some of them will also be presenting presentations and I would like them to be able to present this off of there screen so they can control the slideshow.  has anyone got any ways they do this that they can share with me please? Looks like Wirecast doesn't have this functionality built into it by default.  I have tried a couple things but nothing seems to work, what is the proper way I should be doing this?

thanks in advance

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  • Do you mean using Rendezvous? It's not clear since "presenters" can come in any number of other ways. In Rendezvous they may need to use two browsers (Firefox and Chrome for example). One for the Presentation and one for the webcam and you, the host would composite that. We have to investigate whether the technology will allow both in a browser WIRE-14438

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      CraigS yeah I have seen this come suggested, just when I go on Rendezvous it doesn't even give me the option to share my screen? so just didn't think it would do what i wanted so thought I might need an alternative method off there is any 

  • liam said:
    go on Rendezvous it doesn't even give me the option to share my screen?

     It may depend on Browser and Version. Check both Chrome and Firefox. Rendezvous itself definitely supports screen sharing though so this is a browser issue.

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