Is it normal that Facebook does this to Wirecast when update video?


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  • When did this error message occur or what triggered it? Did you click on "update event" prior to error message appearing? Was this for a scheduled event? Was the event created in the Facebook Live output destination or with Facebook Producer?

    Also, what version of Wirecast and the OS of your Wirecast system?

    • Robert P This was for a scheduled event and when I was trying to update it. Yes I did click on update event. it was on the Facebook live output. Mac OS 11.4 ans Wirecast Version 14.2.1 Also, where is Craig? He has been super helpful lately.

  • Jeremy Tjahjadi said:
    and when I was trying to update it.

     Could be an issue with our API and changes Facebook has made. It may have created a new event key  Did you create the event in Wirecast of Facebook? Did you try updating the event in Wirecast of Facebook? Generally, I find it most reliable to do everything in Wirecast.

    • CraigS I did create and update on Wirecast for Facebook. Wirecast has been updated   also.

  • Jeremy Tjahjadi said:
     I did create and update on Wirecast for Facebook.

     Please do a screen recording so we can see the steps that caused it. 

    Start from the beginning by creating the event in Wirecast.

    • CraigS How to do a screen recording on the iMac tho???

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      • CraigS
      • 9 mths ago
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      Jeremy Tjahjadi  Telestream's ScreenFlow. The free trial watermarks the exports but otherwise, it's fully functional. Quicktime can also do screen recording.

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