Synchronizing video and audio from CamLink 4k

Is there an easy way to sync the video and audio that I'm capturing with a CamLink 4K? I notice about 0.08-0.10 s delay. To fix it, I detach the audio from the video, zoom in on the time line to the finest scale possible and then bump the audio over to 0.10 s, and then zoom the time line back out. This is mildly annoying, but also runs the risk of me bumping one of the timelines while I am editing so that they are no longer synced. 

I'd love a way to enter a numerical offset to synchronize the video and audio so I don't have to zoom in and out and so that my video and audio stay connected. Any suggestions?


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    I have been using the elgato cam link and sony a7r 3 along with the elgato game capture software to record some videos directly into my computer. I have found that most of the time the audio and video is not synced up. I am using a rode wireless go into my camera and then that goes into the computer. Is this because I press the live commentary record button and then the record button? If so, is there a way to press record of both video and audio at the same time? I love this setup but this audio syncing issue is really annoying because it is definitely noticeable. Any help would be great!

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