Automatic live stream interruption and resumption

Our station is about to begin 24/7 live streaming of our two broadcast channels. We already have an Aja set up and streaming to a multicasting server, it is in standby mode right now.

We have rights clearance for 99% of our content to be steamed online, however we will occasionally need to replace a few hours of video per month on the stream. It could be a still image, or ideally a different program we have the rights for.

How might we create an automated system for this? There does not appear to be a way to do it online, so we'll need to put something together with software on our end it appears.

Thank you for any ideas!

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  • Wirecast can be scripted but whether that works depends on the specifics. Since replacing shots is a judgment call I'm not sure how that's done without human intervention.

  • The scripting options in wirecast are very limited, though. And honestly, Wirecast has never been build for 24/7. I strongly recommend using a software that was build for that. Cinegy Air for example. Don't get me wrong. I love Wirecast, but it's not that solid that I woulld run a TV station with.

  • Jens Jarke said:
    The scripting options in wirecast are very limited,

     And that's one thing being looked at.

  • I hope it doesn't need a whole re-write of the code. Take a look at the competition. They have it done very well.

  • CraigS said:
    Jens Jarke said:

    The scripting options in wirecast are very limited,

    And that's one thing being looked at.

    That is good news. But I will say this right now. Switching shots, and stop/starting broadcasting are already supported out of the box with existing scripting... so you should be able to do this today. The biggest challenge will be timing, depending on the source(s).


  • Some years back an independent programer was developing a utility called ShotKicker. He stopped development and said he was making it open source. I wonder if someone might pick up on that.

  • My last experiences with shot kicker had been good thus far. But at the end I personally didn't needed it.

    But in general, Telestream/Wirecast Team, people want to use what ever they have. Be it a streamdeck, a palette gear, x keys or whatever. And have the ability to do with theses external devices what THEY want and not what wirecast thinks they want.

    Just a simple example. I use a stream deck and can see my cam inputs live in the led buttons. And I can remote control almost everything. A complete show down to 15 buttons. And you can even use folders to extend the count of buttons almost unlimited.

    The downside to it. I have to use a different streaming software to do that. This can't be done with wirecast.

  • Jens Jarke If you want Telesteam to extend StreamDeck functions please do request that. The developers may not know the capabilities in greater detail.

  • It's up to you guys. I'm happy with what I have.

  • Hi, I also have the same problem, have you solved it? how? thank you

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      Paolo Antonio Cibelli The developers are looking at more input from users as they consider how they tackle these specific issues. Please describe your desired workflow and what you think we should do to meet those needs.

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