Color all messed up after importing into Screenflow

I recorded video on my iPhone 12 and imported it to my Macbook Pro using Image Capture. When I open the video on my computer it looks great (2nd image below). After I import the video into Screenflow the video looks horrible (1st image below)


Computer hardware including screen size (Specific Mac Model)

  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)

OS version (10.x.x)

  • macOS Monterey v12.4

• ScreenFlow version (x.x.x) and whether it's Mac App Store version

  • 9.07 (31680) Not Mac App store version

External devices recording from and how are they connected to computer

  • Recorded video on iPhone 12. Video imported using Image Capture

Free hard drive space 

  • 97.47 GB

Number of Monitors if more than one and screen size of each

  • One monitor

Step by step workflow 
Source files used in your project.

  • .mov files on my iphone 12 mini

What you are recording. (What Program or Browser if relevant)

  • Used Screenflow for just recording incoming audio from a Yeti microphone.

Visual or auditory description of the issue. Attach screenshot if you think it will clarify. 
• We may ask you for an exported file or a project file in some cases.

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    • CraigSModerator
    • Telestream Desktop Forum Moderator
    • CraigS
    • 2 mths ago
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    Looks like you're using an HDR clip. ScreenFlow isn't compatible with HDR. Please change the settings on your iPhone.

    • CraigS Looks like that was it. I used Airdrop to transfer the video instead of the Image transfer app and since it converts the video, all is good. Thanks for your help. 

      • CraigSModerator
      • Telestream Desktop Forum Moderator
      • CraigS
      • 2 mths ago
      • Reported - view

      Curtis Penner Good to hear. We're working on improving compatibility.

  • Thanks, I'll try it and report back.

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