DTP Locking up Wirecast

Hi, long time Wirecast user. I'm having a problem perhaps someone can help.

Used v4 for years. Upgraded in the past 8 months. Current version of WC - 13.2 BETA-1.

- Win 10 pro and an i7 8700k.


Since upgrade to WC 13 (any version) my shots that contain Desktop Presenter elements are laggy and can cause WC to lock up. If I right click a shot containing DTP elements I'll get "WC not responding" then it comes back in about 10 seconds and the menu options from the right click pop up.

Other shots do not do that.

And today it happened in a broadcast while my producer was on a DTP shot. He couldn't figure out why he could not click another shot or decrease audio in the WC audio meters input from our mixer. (he killed the input from the mixer AUX master all together but they meters were stuck showing over saturated Audio. Found out later that even though meter showed audio - stuck - audience lost all sound) After a few seconds (like 30)  WC started working again.   This is only happening if we are trying to use or edit shots that contain DTP elements.

Why the lag with my DTP shots?

My network is fast enough and both PCs are hardwired not wifi. The computer that we are capturing from is an i7 6700k. But I did have to tell windows defender to open port exceptions (?) on the computer we're capturing from

Ideas? The only things that have changed since we upgrade from v4 is pretty much everything. Both computers now newer (i7 8700k running WC and 6700k running the DTP app), both now run win 10 pro up from win 7. Is there something in 10 pro I need to turn off? Defender?

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  • Is it basically a more acceptable method these days to use Newteks NDI Scan Converter for capturing Pro presenter slides (and the extended desktop of my presentation computer)  over a LAN?   I am looking at NDI Scan Converter now,  but not sure if that is better than DTP?

  • Mike McColley NDI Scan Converter is better that remote Desktop Presenter. 
    ProResenter supports NDI though so you shouldn't need either. ProPresenter NDI out to Wirecast in works directly. 

    DTP uses port 7272 and should be on version 2.0.8 (you need to confirm that).
    You may want to take down your firewall completely and disable Defender and see if they're the cause.  

  • Yeah I've got 7272 open.  But I am just going to go to NDI.   So PP supports it and I do not even need Scan Converter?

  • Mike McColley  There's a ProPresenter NDI Wirecast specific tutorial.


  • Thanks CraigS.  Got it working with straight NDI (PPv6 does not support NDI unless I buy the module.  I will upgrade to v7, but not today)

    Any way.  Only issue I am having with Scan Converter is that it is only seeing 1 of my 2 video cards ... and I really need it to see both ... or at least see the projector (propresenter output) ... which is one the video card Scan Converter is NOT seeing. 

    Is there a way to "tell" scan converter to see both or to select one video card or the other?

  • Have you opened the Scan Converter menu on the lower left of your taskbar?

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