Losing Audio Sync After Stinger Transition

This morning I was streaming. All was good. I cut from a rendevous guest to a stinger transtion, and out of the stinger transition we went into a local host (blackmagic URSA mini pro -> SDI -> Blackmagic decklink 8k pro. As soon as we were in the local host, the audio was out of sync by a few seconds. Roughly similar to the length of the stinger.


  • MacOS 10.15.15
  • Wirecast Pro 13.1.3
  • Mac Pro 2019. Intel Xeon 16 core. 2 GPUs, w5700x and 580x.
  • Input sources of the video/audio and type of connection used including:
    • Input 1: Ursa mini pro, via SDI to decklink 8k pro). 1080p30
    • Decklink pro driver version 11.5.1
    • Rendezvous guests, usually 1-2 live and 1-2 waiting to go next, in the back end but not on screen.
    • Video playback, h264 videos encoded with adobe media encoder default h264 high quality settings.
    • Stinger: prores 4444 .mov file with transparency
  • Complete hardware setup used for streaming
    • Mac pro above.
    • Sending 1 HDMI out for multiview to a live/preview screen.
    • sending 1 SDI output via decklink to a confidence monitor for the talent that is in front of the ursa mini pro.
  • Streaming to facebook live.
  • Wirecast preference settings
    • show landing page is checked
    • send diagnostic is checked
    • 2 transition buttons
    • 3 reconnect attempts
    • audio interface: system default
    • theme - xkeys layer backgrounds
    • live gpu icons : reduced
    • live audio meters enabled
    • create playlist selected
    • controller: xkeys 128
    • microphone: detect feedback
    • video display: 30fps
  • Wirecast Canvas size 720p30
  • Streaming and Recording encoder settings
    • Recording to disk: ProRes 720p
    • Recording to disk: Apple H.264 720p
    • Streaming to RTMP server (youtube):
      • default 720p30 (4mbps) x264 h.264
  • Wirecast Output Statistics
    • cpu is regularly 10-15%
    • framerate is regularly 30
    • when it went out of sync, CPU bumped temporarily to about 25%, and framerate dropped to 25 fps for about 2-3 seconds
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    Can you give our Wirecast Public Beta 13.2 a try (new version released today) as we're addressing some sync issues? 

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