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While using Titler Live 4 (Present) I’m able to retrieve my live comments from Facebook and show them on my live stream, but for some reason I don’t see the profile picture or profile name of the comment. I can see my own profile picture and profile name when my own post come through, but no one else's. Any idea what this problem is? The Date and Time, Message, Likes and Logo can be seen. But not the profile picture or name. I'm running the latest version of Windows 10 Pro (1909) and the latest version of Titler Live Present 4.

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  • Marcus Johnson  from NewBlueFX may be able to help, otherwise contact them through their support form and include version of Titler Live and Wirecast.

  • exactly the same issue here.  

  • I am having the same exact problem. When I comment as the page it shows up fine, but any other comments have a blank where the profile photo and name should be. 

  • Jeremy Valentina Vee Please do fill out the NewBlueFX support form link and include version of Titler Live. Post back any noteworthy responses.

  • Update! Quite by chance I discovered the solution. If my Facebook Posts "page" dropdown is set to the default "Profile" option, then the name and profile pic on the separate Comments feed don't populate. As soon as I switched the Comments drop down from "Profile" to "[my Page]" .... boom!  The Comments feed populates fully!! 

  • Jeremy Smith I don't understand what you're talking about? Could you please send along some screenshots or illustrate this? Where is this "page" dropdown?

  • I'm having the same issue With Facebook Comments, as the name and profile picture won't show up, just the text. Its odd because Youtube comments work fine and would like to know what was your solution Jeremy Smith.

  • Here's what I discovered:

    1. The problem: I have a Facebook page that is associated with my personal Facebook. 
    When trying to retrieve comments from a post on the organisation's page, they don't fully populate.

    2: The solution: Make sure you switch the Facebook POSTS selector (that is, 'Posts', not 'Comments', from the its 'Profile' option to the actual page!    So, Posts need to be set to the exact same source as the troublesome 'comments'.  See images attached. 

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    • Jeremy doesn't work for me, profile pictures still not showing 

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      Emily Hillson You may need to contact NewBlueFX for further help on this. Do make sure your Titler Live is up to date first.

  • Jeremy Thanks for showing how you solved this.

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