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My name is Calvin, I am nineteen years old, and I have been editing with Screenflow for five years. I've never been anything but satisfied; it's so powerful for what it is. Over the years of recording/editing videos for myself and for others, I'll occasionally find myself in need of a certain feature. I'll say to myself something like, "Man, I wish Screenflow let me do (insert mind-blowing idea). That would be awesome."


I've concerned myself mainly with creating visual graphics sequences (visual effects, motion effects, etc.) using text boxes, annotations, images, and lots of video actions. The list of additions/tweaks below will cater to those interested in the creative limits of Screenflow, rather than those interested in the practical side of the application.

So here's a small list of changes that would really help my workflow. Most of them aren't monumental changes, but rather small tweaks to existing features. I don't know what is possible to add and what isn't, but here is the list nonetheless :)

1. The ability to utilize video actions with text boxes/annotations to automate their colors. Video actions can change the scale, position, and rotation of text boxes and annotations, but I've always wanted to be able to use video actions to change their color. There is the hypothetical workaround of applying a "White Point Adjust" filter to a text box/annotation and using a video action to automate that, but unfortunately video filters have no effect on text boxes or annotations, which brings us to the next item:

2. Enable video filters to affect text boxes and annotations. Whether or not it's possible, I just thought I'd throw it out there. The workaround is to nest the clips that you want to use filters on, and then you're able to use whatever filter you want. But at that point you aren't able to use individual effects on each text box/annotation, unless you nest every single one separately.


3. Retain the status of solo'd audio tracks, even after closing the Screenflow document or quitting Screenflow. I had a situation in which I was editing a 30-minute audio file with multiple audio tracks, and I needed to solo one track for the entirety of the project. However, every time I closed the Screenflow document, or quit Screenflow, the audio would no longer be solo'd when I reopened the document. This made editing the file immensely tedious, as I would have to re-solo every single pointer file whenever I opened the document. If there was a setting that allowed Screenflow to remember which track I solo'd, and keep it that way, that would be much appreciated.


4. Fill a text box with a GIF, or use a GIF as a text box backdrop. The text box fills available right now are solid colors, gradients, and images. I have noticed that when you select Image under the Fill option, you are able to choose GIFs in the file browser. Unfortunately, the GIFs are frozen on the first frame in the text box; they don't play. It would be cool to see this implemented.


5. Control audio filters with audio actions. Just as you can automate the parameters of video filters with video actions, I would like to automate the parameters of audio filters with audio actions (as an example, I would be able to slowly decrease the high cut frequency on a LowPass audio plugin).


6. Annotation line styles. The first annotation under the Annotations tab is a solid line. You're able to give that line endpoints so that you can create arrows and whatnot. But, I would like to see a feature that changed the style of the line (dotted line, dashed line, etc.).


7. Give us the option to decide whether or not a new text box or annotation appears at the top of the timeline, or above the highest clip at the position of the scrubber. When I add a new text box or annotation to the timeline, the new clip is generated in the timeline, but it is always generated on the highest track in the timeline. That means that every time I want to add a text box or annotation, I have to add it and then drag it down to where all my clips are generally organized. I know what you're thinking: that's the pettiest complaint ever. But I'm sometimes working in a document with 20-30 tracks, and dragging that new clip down every single time can get frustrating. It would be nice to have a new text box or annotation work the same way that pasting a clip works. When you paste a copied clip in the timeline, it places itself above whatever is the highest clip at the current position of the scrubber, not the highest track possible in the document. It would save me a lot of time!

8. Add a scale box to text boxes. Right now, there is no way to scale a text box except for the "Scale" option under the Video tab, and the Size slider in the Font Panel. But if there was a way to scale the text box right in the canvas, that would make scaling text boxes a quicker process. Right now, all you can do with a text box in the canvas is change its contents and the width of the box. When you select an image or video, however, you can scale it in the canvas. I would love to have that ability with the text boxes (maybe select the text box in the canvas to change the scale, and if you need to change the contents of the box, double click it?)


Thanks for reading! This seemed more appropriate than making eight separate posts for every suggestion. I hope I had some valuable feedback! I am and always will be a loyal Screenflow user.

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  • Sorry, but a laundry list is not going to garner usable votes. Please search the Feature Request forum first and if you can't find a match then make the request. Otherwise, vote and post to the matching request.

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