Audio Channels should have their own track type

I have a 16-channel audio interface and I record 2 inputs from it whenever I cut a video.  The Audio Mix settings in the Audio tab are not global, which is really confusing as I am coming from using a DAW primarily. 

The confusion is that if I record a long clip using that interface, split it up into multiple regions, and inspect the audio per region, each region can have all 16 channels mixed differently.  

In the DAW world, you have a single track that contains multiple regions within it.  All of the volume/pan/effects for that track are applied to every region in that track. Each region does NOT get their own volume/pan/effect settings. If you wanted each region to have their own volume/pan/effect settings, you would place each region on their own track.  

lots of people have interfaces with multiple channels.  It would be rad if we could choose which inputs from that interface we want screenflow to capture.  In my case, it's just wasting disk space capturing 14 silent channels.  

Screenflow would really benefit from this model with regard to audio tracks.  This is how other NLE's behave too.  

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  • Certainly make the feature request and include your description. The developers may not have detailed experience with a DAW workflow so you may want to provide links to screenshots so they can see what you expect in a DAW and compare that to what you see in ScreenFlow.

    You may want to make separate requests for DAW workflow and for channel selectivity on input. It will be easier for them to address each one individually.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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  • I am with Charles, I just saw this. I have sent this similar feature request #00529462 When crating using a multi channel audio interface it would be fantastic to select on the new video screen which channels to record from or at least be able to make settings preset in the audio tab when screen capture is done. Now I have to go to the audio tab, set channel 1 - 14 to zero then pan channel 15 hard left and ch 16 hard right - every single time, It would nice to be able to save these settings as a preset. Same thing actually goes for other areas of the program, like preset for rendering of text.

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  • Bo Astrup Thanks for requesting. The number of requests can impact development priority.

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  • CraigS  I certainly hope so. Making a great product greater.

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  • Bo Astrup The developers are certainly interested in improved audio functions and ease of use. Adding multi channel support is significant and understanding how the users are using it (or would like to use it) helps the developers.

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