Wirecast Windows cannot see NDI sources?

So, Wirecast 8.2 for Windows does not see my Titler Live NDI source.

- Both are on the same network
- The Mac sees the NDI source fine
- NDI Monitor sees the source just fine in Windows
- Everything is up to date

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  • I have had similar problems and mentioned them to CraigS  a few weeks ago.  I have Wirecast 8.2 Win 10  and Two NDI sources from external pcs (sometimes I run multiple NDI from each computer - Skype and Desktop).  Usually 1 NDI source is picked up easily but it takes a lot of restarting etc to get the two sources working.  I also have intermittent problems with picking up the Audio from the second source.

    Occasionally NDI monitor on the Wirecast machine isn't picking up the NDI but stopping and restarting  NDI scan on the external PC quickly sorts out that problem.

    But having two (or more) NDI sources visible on the Wirecast Computer via NDI Monitor is no guarantee that Wirecast will pick up the two sources - It will usually pick up one source and as I said a lot of new shots, restarts etc are required to get it going.  That said I usually do get it to work eventually. 

    My system operates on a dedicated Gigabit LAN. Hope this adds to the pool of knowledge

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  • Are all your NDI (source) tools up to date?
    While I believe we sorted out backward compatibility I want to make sure that's not part of the issue.

    Each of you describe your NDI Sources to Wirecast setup in detail to see if we can duplicate the issue. Include all NDI tools used and their versions.

    Ideally a Gigabit LAN should be able to handle 16 1080p60 sources but keep in mind larger sources (computer screens for example) may take up more bandwidth. Of course even two large sources shouldn't be an issue in and of itself.

  • CraigS I'll be testing this further this afternoon and be able to respond with more details and hopefully a recording of all configurations if applicable.

  • Basil McCrea or Matthew Potter or CraigS from a resource standpoint (CPU or GPU) as it pertains to the Wirecast host computer, do you think it would be better to offload a Skype (or Zoom) session to a second computer and bring it in via NDI, or would it be less taxing on the host computer to run both Wirecast and the Zoom session simultaneously.  Specs:  i7 6500, 16GB Ram, NVidia 750-ti graphics card, Wirecast 8.2 streaming to Facebook and recording a stream, offloading the stream encoding and recording to the graphics card. Thanks.

  • Mike G I will always, ALWAYS be under the opinion that offloading any extraneous processing to other machines for a better experience. Not only will that second machine be able to have finer audio controls but if you’re needing to have different visual inputs it would be an absolute saviour for as well. it could actually use the input from the NDI output of Wirecast on that other computer so long as it‘s setup for receiving NDI inputs. Audio could be controlled separately and fed in through NDI or the audio out of the machine, the only downside I see to the offloading the Skype to another machine on the network is the network speed… you’re essentially doubling it and truly requiring the hard-line ethernet in this case (You should be ethernet anyway but fringe cases be it as they may).

    That being said however, the most optimal variant of the skype conversation is another machine brought through as a true digital capture solution through another machine. NDI is a great new technology that can allow for inputs without needing other capture cards however I have noticed issues with audio and video lag in my rudimentary testing to date. It’s new. It still needs to grow. It will eventually be a great technology but at the moment, I would NOT trust it for a live production environment conference call… yet. Not until NewTek resolves the fact that they are trying to create an industry standard yet charging $50 for a mobile application that is still broken, or conversion tools that require “Upgrades” to even select audio inputs.

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  • Matthew Potter Figures… literally the first time I open and try today, it works perfectly… Ugh… why can’t things go wrong and stay wrong. I wanted to get reproducible issues… none of this randomly working functionality… I’ll ping again if this happens and I can reproduce. Literally same exact setup.

  • Matthew Potter 😀

  • Mike G I agree with Matthew. External hard wired is best. NDI is good when you have to use network connections. NDI has been through several updates and I expect Newtek will have more updates in the near future. 

  • Thanks Matthew Potter and CraigS .   Matthew, not sure what you mean about $50 app?  I'm using a Windows 10 desktop for Wirecast and would bring in the Zoom session on a Windows 10 laptop.  Wouldn't I just use NDI Scan Converter for the laptop and then wouldn't Wirecast be able to see the source and grab it?  And if for some reason Wirecast couldn't see the source, I could use NDI Monitor on my  Wirecast desktop's second or third displays, and then do a screen capture?  Or am I missing something?  Thank you.

  • Mike G Scan Convertor is free on Windows (there's a lite version for Mac but the full version isn't free) but many of the NDI tools have a cost.

    NewTek NDI Applications

    NewTek has a problem solving guide worth looking at.

    This is noteworthy.

    1. Detecting NDI sources on the network using mDNS, which uses port 5353.

    2. Utilizing available network ports for a messaging server on the sending device and the number of NDI video streams it requires. The NDI messaging server uses port 5960. Subsequent ports required by the sending device to accommodate the total number of NDI video streams it supports are assigned in ascending order. Ports must be open through the entire path between network subnets.

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  • Mike G while there is a base application, configuration of it requires purchase of a pro license. Changing audio settings are NOT part of the free tool and it pulls whatever audio source it wants as it's default. As for the 50$ comment, check out the newtek mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

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  • Sienna-TV NDI For Mac and iOS 

    Mac ScanConvertor $45
    Note that Newtek is free on Windows though.

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  • Basil McCrea I was having trouble getting my Desktop PC (Windows 10; i7-6500 cpu with 16GB RAM, nVidia 750ti graphics card) to detect some NDI sources on my laptop (e.g. a Zoom session and a Chrome or Firefox browser page) either with NDI Monitor or with Wirecast (I had NDI Scan Converter installed on the laptop and had just downloaded the tools from the NDI website this week so I presume they're up to date, and both devices were connected via 5e ethernet cables to a 1gb router).  Telestream support suggested I try vMix's NDI tool so I installed that on my laptop and Wirecast detected and was able to bring in both of the sources.

  • Mike G Thanks for that workflow tip.

  • Hi,

    I have a very similar problem...  My Wirecast 8.3 (Windows 10) desktop does not find any NDI source on local network. Firewall is turned off on this computer.

    As I know, I dont't have to install any additional NDI tools on Wirecast desktop... Is it right?

    I tried two different NDI source....  From my macbook I used New Blue Titler with NDI output...  and from other computer (Windows 10) I tried to play a video file with VLC player to NDI output....

    None of the recognized by Wirecast..

    What is your suggestion?

  • Zsombor Marton 

    Zsombor Marton said:
    As I know, I dont't have to install any additional NDI tools on Wirecast desktop... Is it right?

     Please install the Newtek NDI Applications linked to previously. Please check with NDI Monitor independent of Wirecast to make sure the computer is seeing the NDI sources.

  • CraigS Thank You CraigS.  Please let me know if Newtek NDI Applications needed just for test purposes or is it a must to install next to Wirecast if I want to use NDI sources.

    I tried to find the answer in Wirecast documentation but I didn't find any useful.  

  • Zsombor Marton They're not required but very highly recommended for both troubleshooting and for certain NDI capture procedures. You wont be able to test computer NDI reception or do NDI screen captures without them for example.

  • HELP!!!  I am trying to change over from DP to NDI and I can't get Wirestream too see any NDI at all as described by others here... nothing.  I'm on the same router, everything is new Windows, Wirecast, and Newtek NDI.  What am I missing????

  • Don Doss Always check NDI Monitor first. If NDI Monitor doesn't see the source then the issue is with NDI. Always make sure your NDI tools are up to date (download from Newtek) and Wirecast is 13.1. 

    As you might note, no one has posted to this thread in two years so this issue was resolved a long time ago.

  • CraigS  Thanks... this was the closest thread I could find to this question after spending quite some time searching and this needs to be a quick fix, I hoped you would see it.  I did find a Wirecast video about troubleshooting but that is the only reference or check list as to how to install the NDI to replace DP with Wirecast I could find.  I always find the answers eventually, but we are streaming our worship now mainly using short videos from ProPresenter and we have always had problems with echo and delay and crazy sync problems when using video so I'm trying to fix it before Sunday!  Thanks for your help, as you have always had the right answers!

  • Don Doss Again please make sure you have the current set of Newtek NDI tools and please check in Newtek NDI Video Monitor. 

  • Hi Don Doss

    I have seen the symptoms you are describing. I was trying to send Titler Live NDI from one computer to my Wirecast broadcast workstation. Wirecast refused to display it, but I could see it on NDI Video monitor installed on the same computer.

    My solution was to restart the source device (titler live).

    I am assuming that this may be some bad data cached in Wirecast that was refreshed on restart of the remote device.

    We know it was not a source device problem, because NDI Monitor worked fine. In any event, give that a try the next time it happens.


  • Greg Kuhnert Thanks so much for your response.  As it usually happens, CraigS usually lands on answers I need. Reloading, reboot, and checking the monitor somehow started the system responding and it is working very well now with only slight flutters but sound is solid. My latest endeavor is to sent a signal back to the Mac from the Wirecast PC to send the stream output back to the projector- and I have accomplished that finally through NDI monitor with ProPresenter turned off.  Not exactly sure how I did it but I hope it’s replicable! Thanks again!

  • Don Doss Good to hear progress.

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