Wirecast 8 Hang/Crash

Has anyone else experienced Wirecast 8 crash or hang during a live stream?  We output to YouTube and our CPU usage is not high and stream looks great.  Last night we were changing the font in a text element when Wirecast just crashed and we had to restart Wirecast and restart the stream output.  In Wirecast 7 we were getting a lot of situations like this ("spinning wheel of death" on Mac) when we would lose control of Wirecast completely and need to "Force Quit".  I have to say Wirecast 8.1.1 has been much more stable than 7.xx.  I think last night was the first crash we have seen.  I'll try to recreate this item, but if anyone else is seeing issues please let me know or it may be localized.

Thanks, Bruce

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  • Bruce Ferguson I have had the same issue on all 3 versions, 7.7, 8.0 and 8.1.1. Wirecast 7.7 had been actually more stable for me, until lately it too has started crashing. I would love to use the new features in 8.1.1, but I’m getting no love, it’s also crashing.  I thought resetting the preferences would change my fate, unfortunately no. Today the trusted 7.7 crashed in the middle of my show. I tried sending crash report, it crashed too, I had to force quit. I then restarted, crossing my fingers, thinking this would help, nope. As soon I attempted to reopen 7.7 it crashed immediately; keep in mind I’m in the middle of a show that I am producing for a client and our viewers are waiting for us to get back online. Meanwhile as a producer I’ve got a serious decision to make, 8.0 or 8.1.1; which have all recently crashed. I chose 8.1.1 and throughout the entire show I got the spinning wheel, which was a serious drag; pun intended. I was in no position to stop the broadcast and try to fix this issue. Me, the host and viewers all had to suffer through delayed shot transitions, because I had to wait until the wheel stopped spinning. Painfully I was able to finish the show without 8.1.1 crashing, but shortly after the show ended, I got the spinning wheel again, I waited for the wheel to finish processing...it was still spinning after several minutes, then I got the dreaded message “Application not responding”, had to force quit. It’s been a complete disaster and a nightmare!!!

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  • Bruce Ferguson  do see if you can repeat the crash.
    If it happens again, after restarting Wirecast immediately go to Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information and create a support ticket. This should get us the crash information.

    After that go back to the same menu and instead click  on the lower left Reset Preferences. 

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  • talrmde said:
    would love to use the new features in 8.1.1, but I’m getting no love, it’s also crashing.  I thought resetting the preferences would change my fate, unfortunately no.

     There are many different reasons for crashes. Reseting Preferences works in some cases but not others. Immediately after a crash go to Help > Send Support Information and Create a Support Ticket so we can investigate the crash based on the log files and system specs. Please describe exactly what you are doing at the point of the crash.

    If moving between versions you may want to reset preferences and do a quick test with a New Blank Document. Sometimes starting with previously created documents can carry the issue over if it's something within the document.

    If you're crashing when sending a support ticket, that may well be beyond Wirecast. That's actually a separate app (you can run it even with Wirecast quit) and it runs scripts to gather logs and system info. If the scripts are causing a crash there may well be an OS related issue.

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  • i had the same problem since upgrading to 8.2, wirecast freezes when trying to run a live event using youtube platform. tried restoring, resetting preferences all to no luck. Never had this problem with 8.1.1, i wish i never upgraded. Is there a fix? Can i downgrade back to 8.1.1 till a fix is released?

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  • Nick Rahovitsas I'd like to help but in order to address the issue we'd need to know the nature of the problem Freezes can have many causes. It's very possible that in moving from 8.1.1 to 8.2 something else on the computer was also updated for example.

    Have you tried reseting preferences and creating a new blank document (sometimes the issue can be preferences or the document). Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on the lower left Reset Preferences and then restart Wirecast with a New Blank Document.

    If the freeze occurs again please include details such as how you setup the stream to Youtube and the preset you're using in Wirecast and what you're seeing in YouTube Control Room.

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  • I ve had serious crashes all triggered by hotkeys and usually the number two. It didn’t always crash but it usually happened at worst times of course. Sent in about 3 tickets and was told to try a different computer. I stopped using #2 and I made it through my last game although titler3 crashed and my shot transitions started to lag pretty badly. I guess what I’m saying is that the program has to be as bug free as possible or we ALL look bad. Twice I’ve lost major contracts that were evaluating my production when through no fault of mine the system crashed with terminal results. The program is difficult enough to completely master with all the variables involved without it failing completely on its own. It just underscores the fact that we the users and buyers of the program are invested in the success of Telestream but not as much as Telestream has invested  in us as successful users of this product  

    What concerns me as a 5year user is that customer service has deteriorated. I think the issues that I face like described above are beyond what a quickly trained rep can tell me from a resource book. The guys/gals writing code are really the only people with a clue. This forum and Craig is main reason I stay with this product. So can anyone out there tell me if they are having any issues with hot Keys or should I work off the assumption it’s an internal conflict?

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  • Larry Johansen Since it's specific to #2 perhaps it's keyboard related. If that key were a common issue across computers and keyboards we'd certainly hear it. Can you try replacing the keyboard?

    Real crashes create crash logs which help us troubleshoot. If you create a ticket about a crash you should include the crash logs. That's built in to Wirecast Help > Send Support Information.

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  • Yeah Craig I sent in crash logs on three of them. One crash happened  hitting no 5. And yes I tried switching the keyboard from a wireless to a tethered keyboard and have had the event occur on both. It is sporadic so hard to pin point 

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  • Larry Johansen If you've submitted crash logs and received a case number you should follow up by email using the case number and ask if they've determined the cause of the crash.

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