Exports at 4:3 but everything is set for 16:9


I'm hitting some where issue where my canvas, cropping, and export settings are all setup for 16:9 ratio with a resolution of 1280x720, but the exported result ends up being 960:720....

As a result, my video ends up being stretched vertically. If I enable black bars then I get them on the top and bottom but the aspect ratio still remains 4:3 and resolution 960x720 even though the project has everything set to 1280x720.

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  • ScreenFlow 8?
    Can you provide a specific workflow example?
    I'd need to know your canvas setting as well as the specific export settings you're using. 

    Keep in mind many Macs have monitors that are 16:10, not 16:9 and that would be reflected in the canvas for screen recordings.
    Certain older sources may not have square pixels as well as DV and HDV in some cases.

    I really need a specific example with complete specs on canvas, sources, export settings otherwise I can only talk in generalities.  Otherwise I'd say generally something about your canvas, sources, export settings is not 16:9 otherwise ScreenFlow would not change things.

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  • I've recorded my screen at 1680 x 1050  in Screenflow 7. Later, I go in and click the Resize Canvas UI button, and resize the content I want to fit into the view.


    I then select to export, choose 100%. I've been using screenflow and doing this same process for several years and hadn't had an issue until Screenflow 7. I could set any resolution I wanted still get the size I wanted without worry. (I could do 1000x720,  and it wouldn't export a skewed/distorted video). But with Screenflow 7 it seems very fickle.


    So I just did some testing. In the export menu, if I set the resolution to "100% of original" or one of the other resolution presets in the export menu, things are fine. In this case 100% would have been 1280x720, the canvas size preset I set, and the video comes out fine. If I use custom, uncheck letterboxing, and set the resolution to the same exact thing (1280x720), the video still comes out at 960x720. Just doesn't make any sense, it's like what the user sets is actually ignored altogether.

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  • eric said:
    1680 x 1050

     That would be 16:10. You may want to Resize Canvas to a 16:9 aspect ratio and scale/crop the contents to fit (especially if it's a screen recording).

    ScreenFlow 7.3.1 is consistent in its behavior in all may testing as in ScreenFlow 8.

    With a 16:10 screen you must scale and/or crop the contents. If you chose not to then when using a 16:9 expert setting you must use letterbox. Stretching only occurs when changing aspect ratios and you don't scale/crop or use letterbox. The export size will always do what it needs to to fit the pixel dimensions. That does not change.
    If you set export to 1280x720 that's what you're export will be and the file may or may not be stretched depending on your workflow.

    You may want to provide screenshots since your description doesn't match ScreenFlow's function. 

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  • I've figured out my own workout, chooseing one of the "[x]% of original" settings in the exporter. Because using the custom setting is what is causing the issue. Not sure what the point is of that option anyway to be honest.


    I've already pointed out that I enter the "resize canvas" mode, using the UI button on the left above the timeline/editor, and select the 1280x720 preset.

    So my point is, no matter what I picked in the editor or set the canvas to, if I set the exporter to a specific custom resolution, (1280x720) and it spits out a video that's 960x720, that's a bug in the app. 

    So, as I pointed out in my own trouble shooting, I discovered the thing to do to avoid this problem set the canvas correctly, position the content within the canvas correctly, and choose one of the "[x]% of original" settings. Because using the custom setting is what is causing the issue.

    Again, repeating it, I had the custom setting in the export view set to 1280x720 and it was still spitting out a vertically stretched 960x720 video. 

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