Video filter to fix lens barrel / fisheye distortion?

Hi all ,


I'm quite new to Screenflow, I'm using the version 7.3.1 on Mac HighSierra (v10.13.5).

I tried all video filters in the distortion effect category to find one to fix a wide angle lens distortion on my video. I didn't find any.

Is there a way to do this in Screenflow? And if not, is there some free (or paid) tool that I can use to fix my lens distortion on videos from my Canon T6i?

Thanks a lot for your time.


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  • There are a variety of filers that do this for various NLEs but I'm not sure of any that work with ScreenFlow.

    Since this is a common issue with many cameras and camera lens combinations, absolutely make the feature request that we either build it in or make compatible with one of the common plugins for this.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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  • Thanks CraigS for your fast reply.

    How do Screenflow users fix their lens distorsion?

    I'm looking for a tool that can preprocess my raw video and fix this, then I import the result in Screenflow to start working from there.

    Anyway I agree it's the kind of core feature/filter that should be built-in into Screenflow, I'll add a feature request right away. I hope you'll be able to interface quickly Screenflow with some existing plugin instead of building one from scratch. I'm a software developer and I know how much this is.

    I did see the plugins you mentioned in my research but they're all targeted for either Adobe Premiere CC or Final Cut Pro X and I don't have these tools. I'm not sure I can interface them with Screenflow either.

    Thanks for your reply.


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  • Jérémy Mouzin said:
    i t's the kind of core feature/filter that should be built-in into Screenflow,

    The challenge is that there are a few plugin architectures to decide on. Plugin work may include work by the plugin developer plus work by the NLE developer and the back and forth involved. Ideally it would be a "standard" but such standard may limit options.

    Currently you'd probably want to process the source before importing into ScreenFlow.

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  • Yes, I agree, I should pre-process it before using it in Screenflow.

    For people in my position, I found out that Photoshop CC and Blender do the job correctly (yes Photoshop can edit videos!). The issue is that it's very time-consuming.

    Processing a few seconds of video takes several minutes depending on the settings you use to re-encode the video. That aside, it works and fixes the problem.

    The best option is to try to avoid using a wide angle while shooting the video, by zooming in more and placing the camera further away from the subject.

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  • Jérémy Mouzin Plugin compatibility is certainly worth investigating for ScreenFlow so these feature requests do have value. It's hard to know which direction will go with it though. Generally anyone who uses action cameras and drones may need this.

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  • Any news on this?

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  • Timothy Arthur If you submitted a feature request email with the case number and ask for a status update otherwise use the form I previously posted to submit the feature request, link to this forum, and ask for a status update.

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