The problem with network printers. Error 49


When the Wirecast is on. Network printers reboot and write error 49.

What to do?

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  • Perhaps there's a port or IP assignment conflict. It could be Wirecast is seeing the printers as IP cameras but I've never head of that happening before.

    Perhaps reboot the entire network and dynamic IP address will get reassigned.

  • If you are using Wirecast 6, you can go into File > Preferences > Advanced (Windows) or Wirecast > Preferences > Advanced (Mac) and check the box to "Disable IP Camera Discovery." This will prevent Wirecast from seeking out those devices.

    If you have an earlier version of Wirecast, you will need to locate the Webstream folder and move it to another location, such as the Desktop.

    Windows: C:\Program Files\Telestream\Wirecast\eva_plugins\Sources\SourceSDK\Webstream

    Mac: Wirecast > Show Package Contents > Contents > Plugins > Sources > Source SDK > WebStream

  • Vladimir Grigorets Thanks for posting the tips.

    Although it would be most disconcerting if Wirecast is seeing the printers as IP cameras or it otherwise impacting their use. It would be good if we can ascertain that. Of course if Disable IP Camera Discovery resolved the problem that would be a strong indication of the cause. I have seen IP address conflicts before especially if the IP address is assigned dynamically.

  • The "Disable IP Camera Discovery" solved my problem. Network printers are working. You have had this problem for several years. Previously, it was not necessary to solve it, but now it was necessary to decide.

  • Vladimir Grigorets Please report the issue and what you had to do to solve it. Wirecast IP discovery shouldn't impact printers.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • I already described everything above.

  • Vladimir Grigorets Do fill out the form. The developers don't read the forum and need direct contact with the person reporting the issue as they may have followup questions.

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