ScreenFlow 5.0.7 released September 20, 2016 - Sierra Compatible

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Link to 5.0.7 PDF Release Notes

Mac App Store purchasers should contact support to find out about updating to 5.0.7 or 6.1

System Requirements

ScreenFlow 5

ScreenFlow 5.0.7 Release Notes

Intel-based Mac with 64-bit processor – Core i3 recommended + Display

  • Operating Systems

- OS X 10.10 and higher • Minimum 2 GB RAM

  • 20 GB hard drive

  • iOS Recording requires iOS 8 + Mac OS X 10.10 + Lightning connection to USB

  • Online Help browser requirements:

    - Safari

  • Cameras using the HDV codec and audio interface devices are not supported

    Version 5.0.7 Fix

    This version of ScreenFlow adds a minor fix for macOS Sierra compatibility.

• Fixed Screen Recording cursor color on macOS Sierra

Version 5.0.6 Fix

Fixed potential security vulnerability in software update framework (Sparkle).

Version 5.0.5 Fix

This version of ScreenFlow fixes a problem where a recording error “Mic not found” occurred.

Version 5.0.4 Fixes and Improvements

This version of ScreenFlow improves the stability of video importing, playback and exporting as well as the following issues:

• Fixed Application crash when using the Flash transition

  • Fixed exporting and video decoding issue with certain video codecs where incorrect frames would potentially be placed in areas of the timeline that had transitions and splits

  • Fixed Runtime Error when opening Transition Inspector with the Page Curl transition selected

  • Fixed issue with built-in OS X transitions missing their transition properties

  • Fixed video playback issue caused by a specific video codec

  • Fixed an authorization issue when signing into Vimeo

  • Recording Completed dialog now usable with keyboard shortcuts

    Version 5.0.3 Fixes and Improvements

    • Compatibility fixes for Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

    • Fixed a runtime error when clicking a clip length manipulation tool after

      corresponding clip has been deleted

    • Fixed a runtime error that occurs when viewing media from iTunes or iPhoto in the

      media library in list mode and the media is deleted from the project

    • Fixed an issue where unsupported export options are not unchecked after

      changing encoder presets

    • Fixed a crash when attempting to ‘Remove’ a media file that ScreenFlow cannot locate

    • Fixed a runtime error that occurs when the Click Sound “X” button is not greyed out

      on media that is not a screen recording

    • Fixed an issue where the green clip labeling color was cutoff when using ScreenFlow in a different language

    • Fixed an issue where the application ‘beachballs’ when making cuts on imported .mp4 files

    • Added High Profile for H.264 for Web High and Web Low Preset Customization

    • Fixed an issue where users could not publish to Facebook

      New Features in 5.0

      • ScreenFlow 5 adds more devices, more options and more ways to help you make epic content, all with an updated look for Mac OS X.

      • New Welcome page to pick your project type, organize your past projects and create new ones

        More options for recording

        • iOS Recording. Your iPhone and iPad screens can now be recorded, right into ScreenFlow, just like your iSight or DV Camera.

        • Recording Preview. Quickly confirm you’re in shot and you’ve got the right angle. The Recording Preview gives a continual spot check of your shot to ensure all is properly aligned, while also displays total elapsed time of your recording.

        • Native support for MPEG Transport Stream/AVCHD file format. Bring your higher- end Sony, Panasonic, and other HD camcorder files directly into ScreenFlow with no conversion necessary.

        • Set recording frame rate. Set the optimal frame rate for your recordings before you start, to improve efficiency and decrease overall file size.

Timesaving, powerful editing features

  • New Touch Callouts mimic finger gestures (press, pinch, swipe) to help guide your audience.

  • Direct access to your iPhoto and iTunes libraries. Access to your iPhoto and iTunes libraries right in ScreenFlow 5’s Media Library.

  • New Actions!
    o New Snapback Action quickly reverts video state.
    o Action templates enable you to choose from a default list of popular actions,

    and also build a catalog of your favorites for repeated use in all your


  • Rolling Edits allow you to move an edit point without affecting the rest of the timeline.

    The result is the first (outgoing) clip is made shorter while the second (incoming) clip is made longer by the same amount, or vice versa. The net effect being the overall program length is not altered.

  • New Transitions. We’ve added 20 additional transitions to ensure your ScreenFlow projects convey the precise look and feel that you desire.

  • Import SRT files. ScreenFlow’s existing captioning support has been rounded out with the ability to import SRT files into your ScreenFlow 5 projects.

  • New Clip Management features streamline your process.
    o Color labels on clips visually organize your project.
    o Clip-based markers ensure the marker stays with the clip as opposed to

    the timeline.

  • Add markers while recording. Save time by capturing key moments while

    you’re recording.

  • Clean up sources not being used with one click.

  • Improved media handling. Implementation of Telestream Media

    Framework (TMF) provides smoother playback of your media in the ScreenFlow timeline.

    Exciting new export and sharing options

    • Batch Export. Save loads of time by simultaneously exporting multiple files to the same settings.

    • Publish to Wistia. We’re thrilled to announce ScreenFlow 5 offers direct publishing to Wistia! This has been a long-requested feature.

    • The App Preview export option ensures your file adheres to Apple’s specifications on the Mac App Store. (Note: requires iOS8 + Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite + USB lightning connection to Thunderbolt).

    • Save a local copy. Ensure you always have a local copy of your published projects when publishing to one of ScreenFlow’s integrated destinations.

      Version 5.0 also contains hundreds of bug fixes as well as improvements in memory usage and general performance. 

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