How to control a video media file?

When an External Media, i.e a video clip, is playing live in Wirecast 7 on Mac. How can I control it? For example scroll back a couple of seconds. I can use the shortcut "cmd + P" and "shift + cmd + P" to start and pause, but that does not help. The obvious workflow would be to use the video control in the preview window, and then hit "Go". But that does not work at all!

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  • You can mark and In or Out point and use the respective Source Properties Jump button. You can also drag the playhead back to the point you want and play from that point.

    If you want key commands please explain in detail because what you're describing could be Rewind or Go to Marker (which you'd have to have in advance), or done any number of other ways.

    Also, please give a typical workflow why you would need to rewind on the fly while live.

  • Hi,

    we have the same problem and need the control over the outgoing live stream of the video file, too. For instance at the moment when we prepare and test the storyboard of the event before publishing, like the dress rehearsal before a show.

    Or in case the video file is quite too long and you want to show more than only one outtake. We are afraid of performance problems, when you need to switch between serval video file sources. Especially concerning the delay when we are using facebook or youtube live streaming function.

    Any other ideas? Thanks alot.

    Best regards

  • Set in and out points. Determine what happens to the file when you cut to another file. You can also build a playlist of files.

    The latency in live streaming to any CDN (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) is the nature of live stream server processing. I don't think that should be relevant to your shot selection. The duration of the shots are what they are regardless of latency.

  • Thanks alot for the good advice! This will help.

  • You're welcome of course.

  • There are times when you need to just control the video file.  I understand you can go to the video properties and scrub, but when you need to click another window (i.e another shot or file) it can freeze or hang for a second.  I think the original poster was suggesting that basic media transport controls (stop, play, ffwd, rewind) should be integrated in the preview window for on the fly control. At present on version 6, what I use, it's difficult for on the fly use.



    Wirecast 6.0.8

    Windows 7 pro


    Intel Core i7-4770 3.4 ghz

    16 gb RAM

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 - external GPU

    Intel HD Graphics 4600 - internal GPU

    Matrox VS4

    OCZ-VECTOR150 24gb system drive

    WD Red Nas 3 gb media drive

  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

  • LP Thanks for that.

  • YES YES YES!!  

    This was my problem tonight during a live-stream.  

    A lot of churches are using wirecast to stream events during COVID-19.

    Our usual Thursday night service starts with announcements and a group game then teaching time.  

    I recorded the teaching video ahead of time, and decided to host a live stream to give announcements and some trivia as a game.  

    Went great!

    Then it came time to play the teaching video.

    I had already imported the video as a media file.   I clicked the switch to send it over to the live pane and it was already playing (in the live window) about 10 minutes into the video!  I had no way of backing it up to the beginning.   I could back it up in the preview pane,  I did.  Lots of times.   Then I clicked the GO to send it to the live pane, and it does nothing.  The video just continues to play in the live pane from a random spot.  


    I kept deleting the shot and re-importing the video.  But it will default to where the last one left off playing.

    Preview pane controls replicated in the live pane, or some way to control the live pane's videos in some simple, intuitive way would be AWESOME!!


    I have another chance next week!  I blew it this week!  :)

  • Solomon The previous posts may have been about control in Preview. You seem to be describing Live playback controls. Please follow the link and post and vote there for the feature request.

  • Solomon Hey Solomon, I found a solution. I was having the same problem for our church with the video playing several minutes in when I tried to play it. To solve the problem you have to click on your video, right click on it, click "Edit Shot", in the window that opens you have to DESELECT "Remember position even when not live". That will guarantee that every time you send your video live it will start over. Kind of weird that they have it set up like that, you should be able to position it with the playhead in the preview window so it can start where you want it.

    Are you listening TESLESTREAM? Please fix this guys.

  • Cliff Alger WOW!   I thought that box meant something else entirely!  Like the physical geometric positioning of the video in the window.   THANKS SO MUCH!!  I'm looking forward to trying this out!!!  HOPE!!!

  • Cliff Alger said:
    you should be able to position it with the playhead in the preview window so it can start where you want it.

    Wirecast is working as intended. Please vote for that as a feature request. The developers want to hear directly from the users about how this might function so please fill out the form on the feature request post as well so they can hear exactly how you want it to work (there's several ways to approach this so they want customer input). 

  • Hmm... well, I have unchecked both boxes.   


    But I still have a problem.   

    It will play in the preview window, but now it will not play in the LIVE window.   

    With the boxes unchecked, it's not playing at random points in the LIVE window.   It's just now not playing there at all. 

    In the preview window I have full control.

  • Solomon When Finished can also have an effect. If it's set to Hold or Remove playback would no longer happen when cutting back to the media file in some circumstances. 

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