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I have been looking all over for a way to simply rotate a video source in 2D. I did find this topic from SIX YEARS AGO with lots of people asking for this feature:

It's really frustrating to find no documentation on such a feature.  And now with the message board migration, that topic is no longer easily discoverable.  Is 2D rotation really so hard to implement?  At this point, the programmers must know there is a desire for this, and have heard scenarios for why it's needed.  For instance, we have a camera in our studio that's mounted in such a way that it must be sideways or upside down.  We've been using and supporting Telestream products for years.  For the money we pay, it seems like Wirecast Pro should have the capability to rotate in 2D, considering it can rotate in 3D.

Someone in the aforementioned thread (NOT a telestream employee) kindly suggested using the "Straighten" function, however, that then requires scaling down of the source video and the result is less than desirable.  Again, is it so hard?  Am I missing something?

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  • Certainly point to the old thread and note how long since it's been first requested. Fill out the form and ask for a status update.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

    Post back any interesting response.

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  • Hm not sure what you mean, I've pointed to the old thread right there using a link from Google's Cache and I did note how long it's been since first requested (SIX YEARS).

    I've double checked to make sure I posted on the Feature Request Forum, but I'll take your suggestion and use the Feature Request Form to add to the pool of folks who'd like to see this Feature, and if I get a response I'll make sure to post it if it's interesting.

    Thanks for your help Craig!!!

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  • This forum should have the Request form as some head page. Since all the answers you will get here will look like this: 

    Fill out the form and ask for a status update.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

    Post back any interesting response.

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  • There'd be no discussion nor the ability for other users to comment and, with this new forum, even if they don't comment, they can "like" the request to show support.

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  • After going through the proper channels, Telestream says "That is a feature that will be in a future version of Wirecast."  Wow!! So excited for that!!

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  • Thanks for posting that confirmation.

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  • Hey, is it already Possible to rotate the video 90º already? I'm on 7.7 and can't find how!

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  • Guilherme S Bortolli Not yet but we are investigating it.
    Perhaps  LP  can log and confirm it's being considered.

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