How to get the "external output display" to work after saving an instance of Wirecast?

I'm using a PC i7-6700 4.0 ghz,  Windows 10,  Wirecast 6 Pro.

After I open a saved instance of Wirecast I try to activate an external monitor from  the "external output display" area in Wirecast and none of the monitors will activate. 

If I start with a new instance of Wirecast I can activate all the external monitors from the "external output display" in wirecast.  I am using 3-4 monitors and they all show up in wirecast under the output area as external monitors.  After I save my set up and reopen the set up I attempt to activate the external monitors from wirecast and none will work.

Please let me know if you can suggest a solution.

Thank you.

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  • What GPU(s) are you using?
    Have you updated and tested with Wirecast 6.0.8?


    Please do fill out the form.
    Wirecast Report Form

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  • Craig,

    Thank you for responding I filled out the form and submitted the issue.

    The graphics processing unit is Nvidia GTX 980TI 6GB video card.

    I previously updated to 6.0.7.  I tired to search for the update to 6.0.8 and i get a message that says my copy of wirecast is current.

    Is there another way to update on the website?

    Do you use the external output display? Does it work after you save the screen shot set ups?

    I appreciate any help to solve this issue.

    Thank you.

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  • We have 6.0.8 on our download page but it's just a minor fix so I don't think it'll behave differently than 6.0.7.

    External Display setting isn't saved in the Document but I've been able to activate again after opening the saved document. I believe others have reported the issue though. Gathering the technical info from users will help us find the correlate. Thank you for doing that.

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  • Craig,

    I updated to 6.0.8, however, I am still unable to activate any of the external monitors from my saved documents. Please direct me to a thread that I can follow to find out the current progress being made on this issue.  I have no use for this program without a monitor.  Is there anyway to tell how long it will take to get the monitors working? I need this to function by next weekend.  I appreciate any help or suggestions.

    Thank you.

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  • When you filled out the form you should have received a case number. You can request a status update via email using the case number.

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  • I didn't receive a case number.   How can I get a case number?  Should I send another form?  If this doesn't work out how is the refund policy?  I'm going to try out OBS and VMix while I'm waiting for a response. I really need to have this working by the end of the week.  Please let me know if you can direct me to someone who knows about this issue.

    Thank you.

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  • Support always sends an email with a case number after receiving a support form. Please check that it's not in a spam folder. Make sure you're using an email address that doesn't block incoming messages. If you can't find the email response please do send in the form again.

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  • I checked my email and it's not in the spam folder.  I'm receiving your messages and they're not getting blocked. I was unable to find the email and sent the form again and got a message thanking me for sending the form, but I didn't get a case number. 

    I also noticed there is an option to purchase  tech support that will respond in 8 hours.  No way I'm doing that. I will request free tech support for people who paid $1,000+ Wirecast 6 Pro.

    Also I will request a free upgrade to Wirecast 7 which is coming out. That won't happen.

    This is a nightmare so I apologize if I sound disturbed.

    I spent a long time getting the audio issues worked out and then there were camera issues and then there set editing issues, then there were CPU issues, then there were photo issues and just when I thought I had the things I need to use worked out, I'm unable to use the monitor. I feel like I wasted $1,000+ on this product.

    My only solution is to download the 60 day free trial of Vmix and attempt to learn it in the next three days.

    Then I will be learning OBS which is free.

    If Wirecast doesn't refund my money I will try to sell it myself for half price and/or use it as an example of how horrible and expensive it is.

    I'm sure complaining about all of this is useless so again I apologize.

    I know you are doing the best you can so thank you and I will let everyone know when I figure out the problem.


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  • Look at the email you received thanking you. That includes the case number.
    Sorry you're having these issues but Wirecast license is not transferable.
    You need to use the email you received (it has the case number) to correspond with support directly.

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  • Craig,

    I didn't receive an email. After I submit the request form there is a page that says "Thank you for contacting us" and then it says we will do our best to address your inquiry as soon as possible.... See the attached page. I don't see a case number on that page and I definitely didn't receive an email.  I have a small studio and the host and guests need to see a monitor this weekend. This is a paying gig so if I don't have a monitor I lose the gig. 

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  • I see you're in the system with a case number. You should get the case number automatically by email. 

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  • Craig,

    I'm not receiving an automatic email with a case number. I received your email.  Can you send me an email with the case number in your system?

    I'm determined to get the monitor working using Wirecast 6 Pro.

    My thought is to uninstall from the PC and reinstall it into a laptop.

    That way I can see if it occurs on a different machine. 

    Is it ok to uninstall the software and reinstall it on another machine? Will it work?

    Thank you.

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  • Case #00418787


    Please create new Wirecast project by clicking File>New. Save this file. 

    Now please reset the Preference files. 

    Open the Support Assistant and follow these steps: 

    - Go to Help> Send Support Information, or if the application won't launch do one of the following: 
    - On Windows: Go to Programs>Telestream>Wirecast>Support Assistant. Click to open 

    - Close Wirecast. 

    - Once the Support Assistant opens, click "Reset Preferences." . 

    You will now get a message that the Preference files have been reset 

    Restart your computer and then relaunch Wirecast. Do not open the previously saved document. 

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  • Craig,

    Muchas Gracias!

    We're making progress. :)

    Seriously, thank you for your patience/tolerance and response.

    I followed the directions as you described above, reset the preferences and restarted the computer.

    I set up a page and activated the external monitor and it worked. 

    I then saved the document and relaunched Wirecast by "double clicking the saved file" as opposed to trying to open the saved document after launching Wirecast from the Wirecast desktop icon.

    *This is very important:

    When I launch Wirecast from the desktop Icon and then open the saved document >>> the external monitors do not work.

    ** Also when I open Wirecast from the desktop icon and go to file > open recent...the external monitors do not work.

    My conclusion is that in order for the external monitors to work after saving a document... "Wirecast has to be launched by double clicking the saved file!".

    I wonder if I'm the only one who has experienced this phenomena?

    If so, I feel special. lol  I didn't see that in the manual or any of the multitude of google searches i have done in the last three weeks.

    I hope this helps anyone who ever has to go through this frustration.

    If you guys want to send me a free upgrade for Wirecast 7 (and free tech help) I will accept...and I will definately promote Wirecast profusely and recant anything negative that I have said in the past.

    Craig, thank you for sending me the case number and all your help.

    I will try not to bother you so often.


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  • Thanks for confirming a solution. We should probably add a Knowledge Base article  explaining how to do this by opening with the saved document.

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  • Hi,

    Has this issue been resolved as yet as I'm experiencing the same issue with Wirecast 7.5 and also had this issue with Wirecast 7.3 and 7.4.

    I'm using a NVidia Quadro K1200 if you need to know what GPU i'm using

    If I start Wirecast then open the saved document after opening Wirecast nothing happens when I select the External Display Output.

    If I start Wirecast by double clicking on the saved document then it appears to work.

    It appears that when start Wirecast it creates a new document but when you then go to open a document it fails release the resources used by the new document so that they can be used by the opened document.


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  • The Desting Group Is this on a New Document created in Wirecast 7.5? If not, create a new document and test. Also reset Wirecast Preferences before creating the new document. Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on lower left Reset Preferences.

    Use External Display Output and save the document.
    Start Wirecast first and close the default new blank document. 
    Then open the document and tell me if you still have the issue. 

    If you've done all that and still have the issue use the previously posted Wirecast Support Form and include a link to this forum thread to show this is an ongoing issue.

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  • CW I have the same problem and i have solved it doing that do you say. Thanks a lot of.

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  • jaialaiplayer Good to hear  CW 's answer helped.

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