Wirecast 7.0 released June 29, 2016

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Link to PDF Release Notes

Wirecast 7.0 Release Notes

Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit
Mac OS X Yosemite, Mac OS X El Capitan
Internet connectivity
• Requires internet connectivity with HTTP/HTTPS port80, and RTMP port 1935 open for streaming,

Remote Desktop Presenter requires opening port 7272.
• An internet connection is recommended for Wirecast 7.0 license activation.

• For lowest quality (240p) streaming an upload rate of at least 650Kbps is required.
• 720p streaming requires an upload rate of at least2 500Kbps.
• 1080p streaming requires an upload rate of at least 4500Kbps.
• Wirecast Cam requires iOS8 or later.

Consider lowering your canvas frame rate and/or streaming resolution to lower CPU usage. It is recommended that an upload rate of at least double the desired rate be available.

Solid State Drive or fast RAID array recommended for ISO Recording and Replay functionality. Actual data rates will vary depending on quality level selected for ProRes (Mac OS X) or MJPEG recording (Windows), as well as the resolution and frame rate selected.

  • Intel Core i3 CPU @1.7Ghz or higher recommended for 540p streaming with x264@30fps.

  • Intel Core i5 CPU @2.5Ghz or higher recommended for 720p streaming with x264@30fps.

  • Intel Core i7CPU @3.0Ghz or higher recommended for 1080p streaming with x264@30fps.

    Note: 60 FPS streaming will result in increased CPU usage and a high bit rate (4Mbps or higher) for good quality.

  • Intel HD, NVIDIA GeForce, or AMD Radeon class graphics adapter that are both DirectX9 and DirectX10 capable.

  • Minimum 4GB RAM, 2GB free hard disk space. Additional hard disk space required for recording to disk.

Hardware accelerated encoding requirements

• Intel Quick Sync Video encoding requires an Intel CPU with an Intel®QuickSync Video core. List of Intel CPUs supporting QuickSync →

• NVIDIA NVENC encoding requires an nvidia GPU with Kepler architecture or newer. NVIDIA only maintains a general list of supported GPUs →

• Apple Hardware Accelerated H.264 encoding requires a Mac with an integrated Intel GPU. *Please note: Wirecast 7 does not support OS X Mavericks or previous versions of OS X

Remote Desktop Presenter

● Please use the Remote Desktop Presenter version 2.0.6 (Windows) and 2.0.7 (Mac) with Wirecast 7.0; available as a separate download from Telestream: www.telestream.net/dtp

Wirecast 7.0
Fixes and Enhancements

Wirecast 7.0 is a major upgrade that encompasses many new features, enhancements and bug fixes across a spectrum of issues and functionality.

●  New! General stability improvements and decreased CPU usage! (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! GPU accelerated H.264 encoder via Intel® Quick Sync Video, NVIDIA® NVENC and Apple® Video Toolbox

H.264 (see tech specs above for specifics) (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! ISO recording from live capture sources – Wirecast 7 Pro only (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Added ability to update a single Replay Shot OR create new Replay Shots.

●  New! UI enhancements including Edit-In-Preview with integrated Shot Inspector (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Playlist changed to a new tabbed interface (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Shots inside of a Playlist now display a progress bar (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Added Shuffle Playlist functionality (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Added the ability to apply duration changes to all Shots within a Playlist Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Added “.” and “,” hotkeys for moving between Shots within a Playlist (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Added default duration setting for Shots added to a Playlist Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Output Statistics histogram view (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Global Hotkey Manager (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Video delay for individual live video sources (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Audio delay for individual live audio sources (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Re-designed Audio Mixer user interface (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Added Panning to Audio Mixer (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Selective audio monitor toggle for individual live audio sources (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Source channel selection for live audio sources (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Audio output interface selection (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! New Text tool featuring live text, RSS feeds and reading from text files, scrolling text (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! GPU accelerated color correction (Mac OS X & Windows)

NewBlueFX Titler Live Express – The purchase of Wirecast 7 includes a free copy of NewBlueFX Titler Live Express with over 60 title templates for lower-thirds and overlays (Mac OS X & Windows)

 ●  New! Re-designed title system (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Customizable Social Media Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Broadcast and recording statistics overlay in Direct3D 9 games (Windows)

●  New! Added link to Twitch account Dashboard and Active Broadcast in Output menu (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Solid Color source (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Added 1440p and 60 FPS encoder presets YouTube streaming (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Toggle to display System CPU usage or Wirecast process CPU usage (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Added support for RGB video input from BlackMagic capture cards (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  New! Added 24 FPS Canvas Frame Rate option (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  Added support for Animated GIF playback (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  Fixed an issue where a stream may not start if the initial source was a still video frame (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  Fixed an issue where transitions may not be triggered properly (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  Fixed an issue where sending a DirectShow source to Preview and Live simultaneously could result in popping

audio (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  Fixed a crash that could occur when using Mac Screen Capture (Mac OS X)

●  Fixed an issue where audio output device sample rate changes were not handled properly (Mac OS X)

●  Fixed an issue where Facebook Live destination was not displaying all pages (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  Fixed a crash that could occur when using Local Desktop Presenter on systems with multiple monitors or

GPUs (Windows)

●  Fixed an issue where Facebook Live recordings were not being closed properly (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  Fixed an issue where Facebook Live destination could display duplicate page listings (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  Fixed wide character display issues with Social Media Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  Fixed a possible crash when selecting a BlackMagic capture card source (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  Fixed an issue where searching Twitter with hashtag could fail (Mac OS X & Windows)

●  Added true cross dissolve transition on Windows

Known issues

●  Multiple Replay clips captured during the same replay session will not render correctly when played at the same time on different master layers or different shot layers.

●  Starting Wirecast while the Local Desktop Presenter is running and minimized will result in the DTP source displaying a green frame. A workaround is to maximize DTP before starting Wirecast. (Mac OS X)

●  Some older Intel integrated graphic cards lack driver support for D3D10, D3D11. Game capture may not work properly on such GPUs. A dedicated NVIDIA or AMD card is recommended for PC game capture.(Windows)

●  For best performance with Game Capture run Wirecast and the target game on the same GPU (Windows)

● Disabling Aero can improve performance of window and monitor capture. (Windows) 

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