Wirecast shot icons appear in 4:3 ratio

We have Wirecast 13.0.1 installed and the shot icons are displaying in a 4:3 ratio rather than the ratio we have for the canvas, as was the case in versions previous to 13(?).  It's a bit disconcerting to be picking a shot with all the sources looking squished.  :-)  Is there a setting for this somewhere?

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  • Wirecast 13.0.1 on Windows 10 icons look fine on my end. 
    Is that a new document or did you create it in a previous version?
    Test in a new document using just a webcam or other camera that defaults to 16:9 aspect ratio full screen.

  • Do you see the horizontal contraction of the source images?  Is that what you mean by "(your) end" ? or do you mean your installation of Wirecast looks as you'd expect?


    Here's a brand new file with canvas set to 2880x1080 then a 1920x1080 video capture added.  

    You can see the preview looks fine, but the shot icon does not have the same aspect ratio as the canvas which leads to horizontal contraction of the sources.


    We use this canvas to capture a full 1920x1080 image of what's displaying on the screen along with a 960x540 image of the presenter.


    It might be that the code that creates the shot icon is taking the title bar of the shot icon as part of the total ratio and thereby distorting things?  We hadn't had this issue before, any idea what changed?

  • Michael Miller I'm not seeing that at all on my system. Canvas 16:9, sources displayed as they should be both icon and shot.
    Webcam 16x9. Screen Capture 16x10 (pillar boxes as expected)
    Icons and shots have the same aspect ratio

  • Michael Miller It's your custom canvas size. I use your size and it impacts the icons.
    The icons are scaling to the odd canvas size but they can't change their shape.

  • Michael Miller but in 12.2.1 the live icons are the same aspect ratio of the canvas

  • Michael Miller We're using new, more efficient method to draw the icons.
    You can report it but you'd have to explain why this is important since your custom canvas size isn't common.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • Thanks for looking into this.  I think it's the first time a software vendor has actually been able to tell me what's going on. 😃  Where should I report this? It's not really a feature request and you're telling me it's not a bug. so...🤔

  • Michael Miller Report using the form link I posted It may be a "feature reintroduction" since the new approach may require a new solution.

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