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I produce training videos, we use Wirecast to do a live switch directly into a recorder. We then edit the recordings, add titles, etc.

My atomos recorder can accept 11 channels of audio. We use a black magic decklink duo 2 card. It would be amazing to be able to send all of our audio sources as separate tracks, into our atomos recorder.

Is there a way to do this?


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  • Wirecast or Wirecast Pro? Pro supports Video Out through the Decklink card.

    Our internal recording supports multiple tracks so if you have Wirecast Pro you may want to see if you can assign multiple tracks through the Decklink card. It's possible they may be mixed to two channels though.

  • To make this work it would need wirecast to embed the different tracks into the SDI signal tracks. I don't think this has been thought of during development.

    You will get a mix down to stereo, most likely.

  • Jens Jarke confirmed that's the case.

  • Ben Oliver can you explain the need for your post-production workflow?

    One challenge the developers face is that the Blackmagic SDK may not support this even though the hardware could.

  • Thanks for all the great messages and feedback,


    The reason, or usecase, for this function would be to have multiple, distinct, clean audio sources. In our studio we produce really long training video content about computers.

    we use WireCast to do a live switch of the video, which we record into the Atomos, which, can support multiple audio tracks.

    We run multiple microphones while recording, we run a Lav, a shotgun mic, and, we also run music into the XLR inputs on the atomos so that when the instructor makes a mistake, using our mixer, we unmute the music so that as we edit, we know to look at that area and clean it up. This speeds up our post production considerably.


    Being able to have even more audio sources would be fantastic, we have some shoots coming up that may have as many as 4-6 people on camera at once, and it would be great to have them all recorded on their own track, with our Master switch, etc.

    Also, since this is all computer training, it would be awesome that if the computer software makes sounds, to have that routed to it's own separate tracks so we can mix it all in post.


    So, in a long way around, that is the "hopeful" use case....!

  • Ben Oliver Thanks for that. Fill out the Feature Request Form and include your use case for the developers to evaluate.

  • Ben Oliver   
    For Public Vote in Feature Request Forum

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