Screen Capture Location 2 Not Hearing Caller's Audio

When a Screen Capture in Imported from another location's PC (co-hosts location) to the Producer's Mac for Live Show Use the Caller's Calling in to the show can be heard by the Producer.  Audio can be heard only in the main studio.  However the audio and the Callers calling in can not be heard by the Co-Host at the remote location. What is causing this? Wirecast 12.1.1. in use.  Remote location has a PC and the main studio uses a Mac but I don't think that's the problem.  The Producer set up the audio system normally and he can't get the remote site to hear the Callers even though their are being imported in my Screen Capture.   Using Rendezvous.  Any help would be most appreciated.

I'm helping out some friends who use this system for a  broadcast on You Tube and Facebook at the same time.  

I have a degree in Radio, TV, Video & Film from 2000, plus years of A/V work and I'm just trying to help them figure this out. 

I've been researching your Wirecast product and will consider it for future use, or as a referral to someone else.  It looks like a really good system!

Thank you very much!

Toni K. Farmer

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  • Hi Toni.

    If you're using rendezvous, you should NOT need screen capture for your remote locations. You can add rendezvous sources direct into your shot, without any screen capture magic. If you take that approach, the audio should work fairly simply as well.


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  • You should describe in a way that can be reproduced. Please be specific.


    Toni Farmer said:
    Screen Capture in Imported from another location's PC

    Please explain.

    Toni Farmer said:
    Audio can be heard only in the main studio.

    It's not clear how you're routing and monitoring.

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  • Dear Greg & CraigS (moderator),

    Thank you so much for you prompt and knowledgeable replies!  In trying to help my friends I realize that I'm way out of league technically on this so Jerry, who's producing this particular program, is going to contact you on this forum. 

    His knowledge is far more superior to mine in this matter, and in general as well, and he can give you more accurate technical knowledge on what is going on.  I believe that you will be able to help him and his co-host in the issue they are having.

    And CraigS thank you for setting me straight!

    Thank you for helping Jerry in this matter.  

    Kindest Regards,


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  • Toni Farmer Do point Jerry to this thread.

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  • Done. Thank you! Toni

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  • Toni Farmer You're welcome of course.

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  • CraigS Did. Thank you very much!

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