Make Text Alignment work like most other software?

Pretty much all other software I've ever used, when I click "center" to align the text moves to the center of where originally clicked. As an example this is how it works in Photoshop



It would be awesome if Screenflow followed their lead. It's a much better workflow to click where you want the center to be and then type anything you want vs Screenflow which is any time you change the text you have to manually recenter.

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  • Let me add, Here's changing the text in photoshop. Notice it stays centered

    and below that is changing text in Screenflow. It doesn't stay centered even though the text is marked as "align to center"

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  • Gregg Tavares ScreenFlow text box is expanding to the right. Text is still centered within the box but it would be the text box anchoring.


    Certainly make the feature request.
    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form 

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  • Text Box Anchoring would be great. I must say, I do find the current text alignment option tough to get used to after working with other applications.

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  • Neil Barman Absolutely do fill out the feature request form. The more requests the greater the potential impact on development decisions.

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