Scaling fixes / continued issues

So I'm posting this in the beta discussion even though the issue has been persisting since version 7. The reason I feel it pertinent to the beta is because there is clearly been some effort to improve the scaling of sources upon initial load.

Corrected in v13 beta 2:
Sources that are large enough (looks like 720p and 1080p) are both scaled to fit the canvas size for both 1080 and 720 canvas sizes rather than being brought in at smaller sizes and requiring a manual rescale.

Continued issues:
Video that changes resolutions while being used do not scale correctly after the scaling occurs. Skype's NDI as well as other NDI signals are prime examples of how video resolutions can scale dynamically based upon bandwidth capacity and network congestion. The video linked above shows the continued issue of different dimension video inputs within Wirecast and how it correctly adjusts the preview window to scale the content appropriately however fails at maintaining the correct scale within the live view.

New issue A:
If you replace footage of one resolution with that of a similar or same (as in the video example of 2 sources both being 1080), thew replaced footage is scaled to 72000%. Interestingly, the live view doesn't update to this new input (which to be fair, is likely a good thing as if you're replacing footage, you wouldn't want to disrupt a live broadcast accidentally) but it seems strange that any other time there is a change to the source, it effects the live view more than the preview.

New issue B:
There is a significant delay upon the source changing resolutions compared to previous. While I have not had the opportunity to test Skype's NDI out with this delay, I can only imagine that a change in resolution during a broadcast live would result in the source locking up for a noticeable time prior to changing scale.

Existing / related bug reports:
Case number: 636276
Wirecast Jira: WIRE-15512

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    • PaulMEngineering
    • Software Engineer, Telestream
    • PaulM
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Thanks for the report.


    We have made a change for v13 which we hope will start to address the scaling issues, particularly when they're first added to a document.  We also have plans to address these issues more comprehensively in future releases.  Some of the issues you describe, such as dealing with NDI sources that may change resolution while shots are live, require changes to our data model, render engine, and UI.  These are the issues we intend to address later.


    What you label "New issue A" above isn't actually new to v13.  It existed in WC 12 when replacing a shot layer with certain types of sources such as NDI and Webstream.  These types of sources do not start producing video right away and not knowing what size it will eventually produce led to the really large scale factors you've seen. In a moment I will submit a fix for this issue.  We will try to get it in to the 13 release.


    Several more types sources in v13 have adopted the model of producing video frames after it is added to the document including DirectShow, Blackmagic, Magewell, and Elgato.  Although we've attempted to partially address the scaling issues in v13, there's more work to do in this area and we look forward to your feedback in future Beta releases.


    Thanks again!

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    • Matthew Potter
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    • Matthew_Potter
    • 3 yrs ago
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    PaulM Truly, it is great to hear you're submitting fixes for this. Scaling has been an issue for quite a few versions. I even think that Jens Jarke submitted bugs for it prior to my using the software back in version 5 however I can see that there has been updates in it for 13b2. Personally, I believe a similar manner to how OBS handles the scaling would be great, however one additional thing that even they don't do is maintain cropping. Wirecast's feature where it crops, keys, colours, and applies it's effects on a shot by shot basis rather than a source level bring it above the competition but I fear that a simple "scale to x" would not be a suitable solution for cases where (as in the case with NDI sources), aspect ratios can also change. The best solution all around (and what isn't available in anything else) is "Bounding box" that has the shape of the source (by default the source scale upon importing) that can be update to size then the scale is allowed to be changed pertaining to it AND allowing it to be:

    • Scale to Height
    • Scale to Width
    • Scale to Fit
    • Scale to Fill

    Along with a "Crop to bounding box" option and a "Scale from" which would be the 9 standard positions or better yet percentage based positions for X and Y coords of the bounding box. OBS has something "similar" but it breaks for different aspect ratios and does not perform a "crop to bounding box" correctly... something that a decent implementation could allow for FAR better templating than even SLOBS is currently doing.

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