no audio need help asap

the one i recorded on ios have no problem at all. but the one i recorded on android (mp4 file) when i drag the file inside the screenflow, there is no audio at all

and i just upgraded to screenflow 8 from 6. in screenflow 6 i did not have any problem about this.

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  • i deleted the screenflow 8 and redownloaded the screenflow 6 for now until i get my answers. since i cant finish my work without any sounds

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  • seiya kii Perhaps there's a file compatibility issue. Can you link to the problem file so I can test on my system? It's the only way we can fix compatibility.

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  • im using screenflow 6 now and there is no problem at all.

    if this will not work on 8 then upgrading is meaningless for me.

    i just pay for the upgrade yesterday, is there a way of refund?

    since if theres compatibility on 8 and 6 does not have such thing,

    then sticking in the screenflow 6 version is a lot easier for me.

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  • seiya kii In order for us to address the issue we'd need the file post a link on to the file here or by forum private message so we can test and I'll work on getting you the refund. 6 is already incompatible with Mojave so we have to fix the issue going forward.

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  • here's a little video test. 

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  • seiya kii Thanks. Exactly what I needed.
    Tested both 8.2.2 and 6.2.4 on High Sierra.
    8.2.2 shows no waveform, no meter movement, hear no sound.
    6.2.4 all the above work as expected.

    The audio looks to be AAC LC
    Examine in our Telestream Switch and Media Info
    It's Stereo, 192kbps Constant Bitrate 48kHz
    The only thing odd is that Media Info reports just under 47 Frames Per second for the audio.

    Also noting that Switch no audio is heard
    Quicktime Player audio is heard.

    Otherwise this file should play.
    Please do fill out the form so we can give you a case number and get your contact info. We'll work on fixing this for you. I'll also report that I can verify the issue.
    ScreenFlow Support Form

    Thanks for pointing this out to us. With your report and this sample test file we can work on fixing this for you.

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  • CraigS so its like a bug or something and can be fixed?

    of this can be fixed soon then maybe im just gonna wait for it to be fixed before i download the screenflow 8 again.

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  • if this can be fixed*

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  • or will this fixing will take a few months?

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  • seiya kii Please fill out the form and we'll work on fixing it. I can't give a specific time but I'm sure we can fix it.

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