wirecast "buffer initialization failed" problem


I am facing an problem.

wirecast was unable to start  "buffer initialization failed"


I saw all the possible answers related to this issue but none of them is helping.


i have attached the OS and graphic configuration.


Please help me here.




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  • Usually this is because the GPU (Integrated in your case) may not support DirectX 11 or is otherwise incompatible.

    Wirecast Tech Specs
    DirectX 11 capable

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  • Check below image. 

    DirectX version is DrectX 11.. now what?

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  • Rahul DircetX 11 may be installed but the GPU may not support it. This is a common problem. The version of integrated GPU with the processor may be a factor. Intel chips have had a variety of integrated GPUs. Given your CPU is 4th generation (Intel is on 8th generation I believe) it's a consideration. Please check the Integrated GPU specs.

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  • Rahul Hmm Checking on the i5-4300u it supposedly has the 
    Intel® HD Graphics 4400 which supports DirectX 11.2/12

    Try the following steps.
    Reset Wirecast Preferences: Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but then click on the lower left Reset Preferences. Restart Wirecast and see what happens.

    Then try completely uninstalling Wirecast and download and install Wirecast 11.1 specifically and install and start it and see what happens.

    In all cases only have one monitor attached and disconnect all other GPU based devices.

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  • CraigS thanks for the information. 

    I have tried all possible steps mentioned by you. But, issue is not resolving :-(

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  • Rahul - One of my computers has an Intel Core I7, which has an Intel Iris Pro GPU. While it works, it does not perform as well as my other computer which has a dedicated GPU. In fact, New Blue FX have officially advised me that  they do not support integrated GPU's... but that's another story.

    For the sake of a simple troubleshooting step... could you grab an external video card with a supported GPU - even if you borrow one from a friend, and test if that fixes your issue. At least by doing that, you can confirm if it fixes your issue. If it doesn't, you can start to look elsewhere.


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  • Rahul Since your integrated GPU should be supported, fill out the form and include your complete system specs.

    Wirecast Support Form

    Just in case you have multiple monitors, remove them and reboot. One more thing is to drop down the pixel dimensions of your display. Both these can impact GPU resources. While that shouldn't be a factor, do try the above to see if it has impact when you restart Wirecast.  Reboot the computer first after removing monitors.

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