Rendezvous - Unable to sustain a 2-way conference

After sending a test Rendezvous link to my wife in another part of the house we found that I could send out here audio and video as well as mine, however she could not hear me at all. I disconnected and re-connected the Rendezvous session and each time she could see and hear me for a few seconds and then I'd disappear  with a grey background. I tried connecting to the internet via a LTE connection with the same result. 

I had the Rendezvous Dashboard up the entire time. 

Are there bugs that are still being ironed out with Rendezvous or are there specific audio settings or recommended bandwidth requirements? We have 40Mb down and 2Mb up here with our cable internet. LTE is much faster.

We were both using Macs (MBP & MBAir).

Its interesting because initially we were able to sustain a conference but there was no way I could put her shot to air. So I disconnected and then the second issue occurred (outlined above).

Any help appreciated 

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  • I had a similar problem

    I have reinstalled my Wirecast Alpha 3 Update tells me that this is current Wirecast 8.0.0 (31776).  I have attempted to set up a Rendezvous session and there is good news and bad news.  First after a number of attempts I was able to establish a working session where everything worked.  I could see him, he could see me, we could both hear each other.  So the mechanics work BUT the session would not hold.  Within 60 seconds both the audio and video would disappear from on his end.  Ie. He could not hear or see me.  I was still able to see him and hear him.

    Re-establishing the session restored the audio and video for a short period.  Less than a minute but at least it could be established.

    Setting up the Rendezvous session was not easy.  The email notification takes a few minutes to arrive.  When the link is clicked notification is received by me but typically I am met by a black screen with no audio.  The also is aware that the connection is made but faces a black screen.  Stopping and re-establishing the session brings first Video and later audio online.  It may be that the stream needs time to establish but it is disconcerting that at various times either I or the recipient was getting audio only, or Video only. So there is some work to do.  Eventually, I was able to establish a reliable a session reliably but as detailed above audio and video lasted only 60 seconds on such sessions but whilst working the audio and picture were excellent.

  • Yes sounds like the same issue. Having a tent pole feature of a paid upgrade fail does not look good for Telestream.

    Anyway...moving on <sigh>, as I said I don't know if this is a bandwidth issue (even though I thought I had plenty) or a bug. My 2 week old i7 MBP has a stable version of Sierra installed and I've had no other issues with Wirecast 8 and the AJA IO4k. There was a bouncing ball issue on startup but I realised it was due to not being able to phone home on startup (License validation) which is annoying when you want to use the software Wirecast as the switcher only without granting internet access. 

    Basil, do you have a theory in regards to the  Rendezvous issue?

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  • Scott Gorman I have been working on the system today and I can establish a connection reliably.  I will check later regarding the sustainability of the connection but at first glance it seems to operating better.  With regards to why we are having trouble I don't think it is a local bandwidth error. I think it as a transport in the cloud issue.  Once the routing has been established it seems to become more stable but I will check this later and give you an update 

  • Basil McCrea Thanks. I re-read the website and it did recommend Chrome and Firefox browsers. Also, are you using default system microphone? I was using Bose Bluetooth headphones for both mic and speakers to talk to my remote test caller. Once the person playing the role of the Wirecast Operator establishes communication with the remote caller and sends them live, are their any mix/minus issues? Does the Wirecast Operator then close the Dashboard window to avoid any accidental interference with the caller? I'm trying to get my head around the workflow in a corporate event show time environment.

  • Scott Gorman I am using system out (which is a Behringer USB UCA222) and system default in which is a USB feed from my mixer to the UCA222 but I can also use my HDMI Camera in embedded audio.  The issue for me is not the inputs but sustaining the connection. I think this is a TCP/IP issue (or lower). ie. it is the handshake in the cloud that is flakey rather than the absolute connection. I suspect that Wirecast are using Wowza new low latency connection service (I dont know for sure) and this may have some optimisation issues, which is why it may get better the more you use it. Happy to test your/my system with you when convenient

  • When using wifi, I find there can be momentary issues not specific to Wirecast. I found using a good LTE signal (testing with Speedtest first Mobile or Desktop as needed). Make sure you're using the current version of FireFox or Chrome. Those are the official compatible browsers. If there's an issue with a specific guest I find having them restart their browser and rejoining helps. Wirecast operator audio source for Rendezvous and the Shot must be different sources (we're investigating that). 

  • Thanks CraigS  - Scott Gorman - When I connect I open a shot with my caller in it. I make sure that the audio is set ON for my audio and the incoming call  (two ticks).  I then listen to the incoming audio by monitoring the stream on headphones - so no feedback to caller from that source. I also have my input mic on NO monitor (via Wirecast audio mixer) so no feedback for me.  The system worked well this morning once I got it established.

    I actually used two audio inputs today by accident.  Normally I only use my mixer input but today I also used the embedded audio from the HDMI device.  Following on from CraigS  comment about needing the the two audio inputs this might have been the cause of our problems.  My callers use Chrome latest version

  • Basil McCrea The odd thing to be aware of about audio in two places is that it's possible that the guest will hear you so you'll have no idea that the audience can't unless you're paying attention to an online chat.. or monitoring in some fashion (which presents challenges). I can imagine there'd be a scenario where the audience here's you but the guests don't. We are investigating this but just letting you know there are "no audio" scenarios. Also anecdotal but I'm finding Firefox a bit more reliable with Rendezvous than Chrome but I've heard some users find it the other way around.

  • CraigS does Rendezvous work? If so what is Telestream's test environment? Because I spend hours trying to get it work today with no joy. My scenario was:

    A guest caller on an independent LTE network with 4Mb up connectivity. They had a brand new iPad Pro (Wirecast Go) with wired headphones/mic.

    A presenter in front of a GH5 with a Rode shotgun mic wearing monitor Earbuds of the mix minus the Rode.

    A Wirecast operator with a Bluetooth headset (default system audio in/out) on a i7 2017 MBP LTE network with 6Mbps up.

    The guest could hear the operator but the operator couldn't hear the guest in the Rendezvous Dashboard. The presenter could hear the guest when the guest operator shot was sent live however the guest could not hear the presenter at any stage. The guest could not see the operators or the presenters video. The guests video had a sort of scrambled look and so nobody could see the guests video but the audience could see the presenter's video like a normal shot.

    I feel like this would be a typical scenario and its the reason I upgraded to Wirecast 8. Should I be using a mixer for this scenario of can all this be done wit the new pro audio  tool?

  • Scott Gorman I'm using Rendezvous for my own shows. Only issue I've had is the Wirecast user must use separate mic for Rendezvous and Shot otherwise there is no audio in the Shot.

    The Guests have to make sure the Wirecast Go app or browser (must be Firefox or Chrome) has access to their mics. They have to check that on their end.

  • The guest must know to do this (Firefox or Chrome). Microphone when they connect


    And change the Microphone if necessary.


  • I have had more success with Rendezvous recently.  I have been doing a lot of testing and I do get audio drop out at the start of a session sometimes.  That is to say there are times when I can see the guest but not hear them.  My solution is to get them to rejoin an established session by clicking on the email link again and for some reason everything works.  I have not had a repeat of the trouble with audio and video dropping out after 60 secs.  In fact audio quality is great and video quality good. I am happy to test with Scott Gorman if this would be of any help

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  • Basil McCrea Thanks Basil. I haven't had time today however tomorrow I'm going to apply Craig's recommendations and see how I go. Have you tested with a Presenter, Operator, Guest scenario or just Presenter/Operator & Guest situation? For my next test session I have created a checklist of outcomes: 

    - [ ] Guest caller can hear Operator
    - [ ] Guest caller can hear presenter
    - [ ] Audience can hear guest and presenter 
    - [ ] Presenter can hear guest caller
    - [ ] Presenter can hear operator
    - [ ] Operator can hear guest caller
    - [ ] Operator can hear Presenter  

    In your opinion, can I set up the above scenario using Wirecast and my Mac or would I need a mixer? Did you have a seperate mic for your presenter and operator? Did Firefox or Chrome work best for you? What up/down connection speed did your guest require?

    Thanks in advance

  • Scott Gorman I am both operator and presenter.  I am connecting to one person only.  The caller receives my invitation. They click on the link and join the session. I am notified that he can be added. When I open Rendezvous dashboard I can see him but I can't always hear him.  Why I had him as a source in a shot I can see the audio bars working. So Wirecast can hear him.  I apply monitor on the shot and sometimes I can hear him sometimes not.  Sometimes I can hear him when I am not monitoring the shot! (ie. Wirecast seems to be getting confused with core audio in Windows 10) .  If the caller to leave the session and rejoin the existing session things tend to be OK.  Hope that works.  Happy to go through you check list  with you in detail tomorrow

  • CraigS Is this need for the Wirecast user to use separate mics for Rendezvous and for the shot unique to your situation or something that needs to be applied for others?  This seems like more complicated audio setup than should be needed.

  • CraigS I have completed another Test.  The incoming user is on Firefox.  It takes some time for the return Video to establish (about 1 minute). The audio is confused. I can hear the caller in the Rendezvous Dash and I can see him.  He cannot see me.  When I add the Rendezvous caller to a shot and monitor the shot. I get echo - I am hearing him through the dash and through the shot.  This is not always the case.  Sometimes I am not hearing the the caller through the Rendezvous Dash (but I can see him) when I add the shot and monitor I can hear him fine.  There is obviously an issue with this. 

  • Basil McCrea said:
    My solution is to get them to rejoin an established session by clicking on the email link again and for some reason everything works. 

     Yup. I usually have them close and open their browser and join again. It always fixes the issue for the rest of the call.

    Mike Grayeb said:
    Is this need for the Wirecast user to use separate mics for Rendezvous and for the shot unique to your situation or something that needs to be applied for others?

     This is an issue we're working on fixing. 

    Basil McCrea said:
    He cannot see me.  When I add the Rendezvous caller to a shot and monitor the shot.

     Make sure the caller has good down/up speed. Check to see if it's at least 4mbps in both directions assuming they have no other bandwidth demands.  Otherwise try the close/open browser trick I mentioned above.

    Basil McCrea said:
    Sometimes I am not hearing the the caller through the Rendezvous Dash (but I can see him) when I add the shot and monitor I can hear him fine. 

     This may well be a variant of the issue with audio not working in one place if it's in two.

  • I have had the same issues this week in regards to Audio. It seems to be super buggy when trying to connect from a mobile device on both mobile platforms. I've pretty much given up on using the feature to have callers video in during my podcast.

  • Charles Peterson You may need to have guests run a speedtest before connecting. I find that 4Mbps or better helps tremendously. 

  • I have the same issue with Rendez-vous. the Rendez-Vous sound doesn't come through Wirecast. I can hear my guess only by the rendez-vous window. When I contacted telestream, they said that there is a problem that they are trying to fix it. I wish they tested everything before they ask us to buy the new version. 

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  • Marius Muhunga Yes I've also experienced issues with sound in some cases.  It's possible it only happens in certain circumstances so we may have missed it in our tests. Sorry about that. We are working on the fix.

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  • Hearing that there's a fix being worked on makes me happy. 

    I've experienced all the issues mentioned above at some point or the other.

    Definitely my biggest peeve is hearing the audio in the Rendezvous window as well as program feed as an echo. 

    Also, I have a guest that regardless of speedtest showing they have plenty of bandwidth up/down...they come in extremely choppy, audio is clean...but video is choppy. They use Chrome, any thoughts on why that would be? 



  • Robert Moreno said:
    they have plenty of bandwidth up/down.

     To be specific I'd recommend 4Mbps up/down for the guest. 2Mbps could be sufficient but I personally find that cutting it close.

    Regarding echo make sure there's no feedback happening on the guest's side (open mic and speakers for example).

    Can you give me the specifics about your guest's webcam they were using?

    Gathering this info can help us as we work on the fix.

  • CraigS It's not an echo from their side as it happens with every guest and I'm able to stop it by turning off my headphones from the program monitor. Just very inconvenient when I need to listen to program and not just the guests. 


    They are using a Logitech Webcam C920. I have multiple guests call in using that specific one, there's only one guest that gets choppy on his video. He has more than the 4 up/down in bandwidth from what they've told me on their speedtests. 



  • Robert Moreno Thanks very much for those detail.

    Fill out the form and describe your issue and include the details you just posted. They'll help us as we work on the fix. Seeing repeated patterns to issues are important. It helps us to know the variations.

    Wirecast Support Form

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