WC 8 – Screen Capture Resolution

Just upgraded to WC 8 Pro. Is anyone else having an issue with screen capture resolution? See attached screen shot taken from WC 8 recording. Notice that the text is low resolution. I wasn't having this issue in WC 7 Pro.

Thoughts/fixes gratefully received.


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  • It's not clear what your screen capture or shot settings are or how you captured that shot.

    It looks fine on my end.
    Screen Capture, Window, with a large browser window, and shot at 100% and Live Area (Canvas set to 1280x720) expanded to near full screen on 2560x1440 display 


  • CraigS  , this shot is taken from a Screen Capture, Monitor, with a large browser window (Canvas set to 1280x720). You'll note that the text within the window (e.g. what you have written) is low res, while the outside text has rendered correctly because it is just a 'snippet tool' capture.

    Again, this only started happening after I upgraded to WC8. I raised a support ticket and all they replied with was:

    "Screen capture will mirror the resolution of the desktop. So if you're seeing low resolution, you may want to check your desktop resolution. Mine is set to 1080p and the quality on screen capture looks great!"

    Not exactly helpful.  The screen I am capturing in this shot is set to 1080p.

  • Daniel Kay said:
    this shot is taken from a Screen Capture, Monitor

     The size of the monitor might impact the quality especially if you're scaling to 720 Canvas. Ideally the capture size and canvas size should be exactly the same or there will be scaling involved pretty much as support responded. You can see my example and the quality is fine. Given support's response they've tested with results similar to mine.

    Perhaps it's GPU related. What GPU are you using?
    You don't mention the monitor size. 
    Perhaps reinstall Wirecast 7.7 and test again to compare.

    You must give complete step by step and specs because we can't reproduce the issue. That would mean it's likely specific to your setup in some manor.

  • CraigS  Have just sent this video to tech support. I am running two GTX780's with up-to-date drivers. I've already tried uninstalling WC8 and reverting to 7, which fixes the issue. But I've spent over $400 (AUD) for the upgrade, so really want to issue resovled with 8.

  • Daniel Kay Thanks for that info. I wonder if it's related to Nvidia or especially running two Nvidia GPUs. Screen Capture depends on the GPU so that may be an important bit of information and why we weren't seeing the problem. It's always important to include complete system specs when posting an issue (see READ BEFORE POSTING at the top of this product forum) because the config can give us an immediate clue (and save us a lot of time troubleshooting and fixing). Your info should help us fix this.

  • CraigS  The GPU idea doesn't seem to explain why WC7 works fine though. Tech support asked me to switch to an Aero theme in WIN10. Did so, without any success.

  • Daniel Kay Although others may not be seeing this so I'm thinking of things which would be unique to your system. So far only the two Nvidia GPUs stands out. I'm not saying it shouldn't work but it may explain why you're seeing this and others aren't.

  • CraigS Sure, but why doesn't it happen on WC7? Surely not much has changed in the screen capture engine.

  • Daniel Kay Perhaps something did that isn't obvious. Software involvers interlocking parts so it's possible that something changed somewhere else in the program that is impacting this. Keep in mind people with other GPU combinations don't seem to be experiencing this so it might be a unique combination.

  • CraigS Surely, I can't be the only person on the planet using WireCast 8 while also running two nVidia GTX 780s.

  • Daniel Kay Let's hope others report if that's the factor. Of course if others have similar config and don't have the issue, then it may be something else. That's why it's valuable if we get more than one report of an issue. We can compare system configs. 

  • CraigS Tech support has just escalated the case. Hopefully, we'll find a solution soon.

  • Daniel Kay Thanks for posting that just in case others spot this issue as well.

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