Newbie problems with Recording Monitor

Recording a video off VLC app.  Recording monitor screen always is black, yet finished video capture shows the captured monitor contents clearly.  Why is the Recording Monitor window black and not showing the video recording in-progress?

OSX 10.12.6

Mac Pro (mid-2012)

3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
(one monitor) 1024 x 820

Screenflow 7.0 (non Mac App store)

730GB disk space available
Scratch disk is startup hard drive


THX, Wes

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  • Wouldn't that be redundant? I don't see the utility in that. You can already see your desktop. You can't see your camera (e.g. how you look on camera) so Recording Monitor shows you that. You can't see your mic levels so Recording Monitor shows you the meters.

    Keep in mind anything on your desktop will be recorded which will also include Recording Monitor unless you're doing a partial screen capture, move Recording Monitor to another display, crop it out after recording. 

    Page 60 of the User Guide



    So if you're not recording camera there will be no video, just the timer.

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  • ATI Radeon HD 5770:


      Chipset Model: ATI Radeon HD 5770

      Type: GPU

      Bus: PCIe

      Slot: Slot-1

      PCIe Lane Width: x16

      VRAM (Total): 1024 MB

      Vendor: ATI (0x1002)

      Device ID: 0x68b8

      Revision ID: 0x0000

      ROM Revision: 113-C0160C-180

      EFI Driver Version: 01.00.436


    I am trying to get this to work on one monitor before I move to two monitors.  The other monitor is currently not connected.  I wanted to be able to use the Recording Monitor to verify that Screenflow 7 was seeing and capturing the screen and audio correctly before I actually made the final recording.

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  • OK, I see what you are saying:  if not connected to a camera, then there will be no video displayed on the recording monitor.

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  • Wes Wada That's correct. ScreenFlow will record the desktop or partial desktop. You can trust it. 

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