What Exactly Stream Button Colors mean?

It is clear that Green indicates a healthy stream and yellow/ red indicates issues in the stream. But what exactly each of these colors means? Ex: At what point it turns from yellow to red? What is red "Stop sign" (the crossed circle)?

I was testing a facebook stream recently. It was turning red time to time and then it was red "stop sign" for 5-6 minutes. But I could view the stream on facebook without any noticeable glitch, buffering. 

Please explain.

System Config:

Wirecast Pro 7.6.0 (64Bit)

Windows 10 Home 


Processor Intel Core i5 3.2GHz

I was playing a pre-recorded clip for this test. 

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  • They are degrees of issue around reliability which may indicate such things as packet loss for example. Stop Sign means it's not communicating with server at all.  No Connection. Odd that you were seeing something even with Stop Sign.

    It's quite possible the stream was being buffered on the server side. It may take some time to notice a disconnect. It's not clear if you waited longer and what happened.
    You should also update to Wirecast 7.7 as updates include bug fixes.

    Please do report this so we can make sure the indicator is functioning properly.
    Wirecast Support Form

    From User Guide:


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  • Just to add, If the green turn to orange it means that the queue is building up.

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  • I would also like to add, I am on site streaming 720p to a CDN who can convert that to a user controlled bit-rate in the player (like YouTube). We have had mostly a Red Cancel Sign on the stream button all morning and the stream is still hitting the server and being pulled back down to our player package for viewing online. 

    So I've no idea what that button is supposed to mean or if it's bugged at this point. 

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  • CraigWB Are you using Wirecast 8.1.1? Let me know about that ASAP.

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  • CraigS Hi Craig - yes, I updated to 8.1.1 after our first session just to make sure it wasn't a bug from a previous version. 

    We streamed for around 4 hours today with the Red Cancel button on a majority of the time. I've submitted a support ticket with our CDN just to make sure it wasn't something on their end, but we were running into problems even after reducing our output to Apple H.264 480p, down from 720p.

    We've had a lot of issues with the IT infrastructure where we're streaming from, but I wouldn't think that would cause this weird button behavior, would it? 


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  • CraigWB Thanks for that. It happened to me as well. Showed red and I was checking the stream in a browser on another computer and the stream had no interruption. With Apple H.264 higher frame sizes (and data rates) seem a bit better.

    Submit a ticket to us as well. You may note that I mentioned it happened to me as well.
    Wirecast Support Forum

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  • CraigS Thank you - I've submitted a ticket.

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  • CraigWB You're welcome. I think a few have seen this (including myself) so we'll get to the bottom of it.

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  • This happened to me for the first time this week, on 8.3, streaming to FB using Wirecast preset. Yellow, then red, then the stop sign. But stream was uninterrupted.

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  • Tom Meyer Do fill out the previously posted form and include your internet upload bandwidth. Include how far into the stream you were and what the shot was you were streaming at the time. We're investigating the correlates that might cause Wirecast to give a false reading.

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  • Craig, Like the initial post, I'd like to know what the various colors on the streaming icon button actually mean.

    I recently upgraded to Wirecast 8.3 and the last broadcast had similar problems.  The stream seemed to continue on fine even when the red stop indicator was on.  Can you help clarify this? - Steve

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  • Steve Krenz They are just generally connectivity status. Green = Good, Yellow = Problems but still streaming, Red = not reaching the server. 

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  • Steve Krenz From the User Guide


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