Wistia soapbox Split-Screen View


Please add the possibility to easily obtain a split-screen recording like with Soapbox (from Wistia).

So no more picture-in-picture, instead, a split-screen view, enabling better focus on both the webcam and screen.


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  • You can certainly do a split screen in ScreenFlow now. You'd set it up after you do the recording. ScreenFlow otherwise wouldn't know how to crop each image without user input. The picture in picture is just the complete screen recording and the complete webcam recording and then you position and crop.

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  • Crop any way you like. It only takes a few seconds. You have to determine how the screen recording and the webcam get cropped.

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  • Hey Craig, 

    Yes I've toyed around with the screen recording and the image of me explaining something to reproduce this split screen effect.

    When I play slides full screen, it's a bit hard to get the ratios right.

    I was wondering IF it were not too hard to implement (and I realize it can be a big *if*), then maybe Screenflow could bring the option to **easily** do that.


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  • Benoit Carpent I'm not sure how this would work automatically inside of ScreenFlow. How would ScreenFlow know what aspect ratio is needed for any given shot since that's really determined by content.

    Full Screen is either 16:9 or 16:10 for most computer monitors.
    Webcams are usually 16:9 but may be 4:3 in some cases.
    The problem is regardless of whether the monitor is 16:9 or 16:10, the content you're focusing on can be anything and how to crop requires human judgement.
    The same goes for webcam. You may just want to crop tight to the person or wide for the full shot. That's human judgement as well.

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  • Thx Craig

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  • Benoit Carpent You're welcome of course.

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