Wirecast Window Resizing with Multiple Monitors

I have a dual monitor setup.  If I double click the title bar in Wirecast, the application maximizes to that screen as expected.  Windows 10 also allows the user to drag the title bar to the top of the screen, and this will then maximize it.  When I do this on one screen, it maximizes as expected.  When I do it on the other screen, the application maximizes, but gets too wide, as if it is grabbing the correct height, but the full width of both monitors.  Other applications on this PC work as expected when I do this. At least Wirecast 8 and the 9 beta behave this way.  Interestingly, while the starting window which prompts whether to load an old project or start fresh also behaves this way, the stream Output Settings windows behaves like I would expect.

My two monitors are configured as follows:

Monitor 1:
Monitor 1 is on the right.  
1920x1080 resolution.

Monitor 2 is on the left.
Primary screen.  
1218x1024 resolution.

Multiple Displays is set to Extend.

If I swap the two monitors, the issue goes away.  It's basically and odd bug, not a show stopper.

Our test system is the following:

Windows 10 Pro x64 1709, Build 16299.334
Intel i7-6700K
Wirecast Studio 8.3.0 (33595) (Trial)
Wirecast Studio 9.0.0 (34022) 
AverMedia Live Gamer HD (FW V25, Driver V3.3.64.52) (Capture card)
AMD Radeon R7 370

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  • Monitor 1 is connected via HDMI, Monitor 2 is connected via DVI.

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  • Matthew Yingling said:
    Monitor 2 is on the left.
    Primary screen.  
    1218x1024 resolution.

    That seems like an odd frame size. Is that actually the case?
    What is your Canvas size?
    Does this only happen when you maximize it?
    Can you take a picture of the display so we can see the issue?

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  • CraigS Ha, sorry, it's a 4:3 screen, so the correct resolution is 1280x1024.

    Canvas size of the video?  In production it's 1920x1080, though this issue shows up even if I use a default blank project with nothing configured. I'll get a screenshot the next time I'm on the system.

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  • Matthew Yingling Wirecast allows for source, Canvas Size, Encoder to all be different but Canvas Size can have impact on MultiViewer.


    Although MultiViewer should properly detect the monitor aspect ratio

    Perhaps the issue is related to aspect ratio though. Can you test with two 16:9 or 16:10 monitors? It may help us determine where the issue may be.

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  • The problem is more fundamental than the Multiviewer.  In the figures below, the problem can be seen in the initial Wirecast window as well as the main program window.   When dragging the window to the top of the screen, a circle appears (first image), then when letting go, the the window maximizes (second image).  The image is not centered and the taskbar is coverd.  If instead I double click the title bar, or click the maximize button,  the window maximizes as expected, with the taskbar shown (third image).  I dragged the main Wirecast window to the top to show what it looks like with an empty project when this happens (fourth image), as well as what should happen (fifth image).  

    Winlister shows the main window is 2560x1096 pixels when maxized incorrectly, instead of 1920x1040 (which accounts for the visible taskbar).

    I updated to the latest graphics drivers for my system today, just to rule out any simple problems, but there was no change.

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  • Since this isn't related to multi-viewer,  test with just a one monitor setup (1920x1080 monitor) and tell me if you still see the issue. We need to eliminate variables to determine the potential cause.

    After testing that, remove that monitor, attach the 1280x1024 monitor and reboot and see if the issue occurs there.

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  • If I swap the left/right ordering of the two monitors, the maximize works fine for both monitors.  If I disconnect either one, the remaining screen also maximizes correctly.

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  • Matthew Yingling Thanks for testing that. So it seems the issue is specific to two monitors and, quite possibly the size/aspect ratio difference.

    Do report this and note that you tested the monitors individually and maximizing works in that case.

    Wirecast Support Form

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