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Greetings. The company I am offering services, is highly considering buying the Wire Caster Gear for their production needs. The production is basically a talent or host in front of a green screen and the content will be streamed. I have three initial questions:


1- Does the system handles "live" green screen cleaning?


2- Behind the host we want to have animated backgrounds. These backgrounds will change as needed.

- Is the system capable of handing animated video backgrounds?

- Which video formats are compatible with the system and which one is recommended?

- Is the operator capable of changing the backgrounds as needed?


3- Is the system capable of displaying non traditional formats?

- What if instead of the traditional HD format (1920 x 1080) we want to do it 1080 x 1920 or any other size... Is this possible?


Apologies in if this has been answered before, I am new with this equipment.

Thank you in advanced for any assistance.


Kind regards.

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  • Yes to all the above.
    Keying, of course, is helped by good lighting and uncompressed cameras and sources. You can play files and key over them live. Wirecast allows for custom canvas sizes and cropping and scaling of sources to non standard sizes.


    You may want to watch our tutorials to see the power and flexibility of Wirecast's features.

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  • Thank you CraigS. Your assistance is appreciated! 

  • Charley Fernandez You're welcome of course.

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