Rendezvous: Selecting Outgoing Audio Source

In the Rendezvous Console, when you look under settings on the outgoing source (the Wirecast computer), we only see one audio source available, when there are several set up on the PC and in Wirecast. Is this something that will be upgraded?

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  • T Held said:
    outgoing source

    Rendezvous Dashboard host?

    I have many options.

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  • CraigS  There was only one, initially. Then, after a restart, more appear, including the primary audio interface we are using. But, we need a "mix minus" mix to send to the remote attendee, along with the Wirecast output video (which is a *really* nice feature). So, I was hoping to use the internal audio card, which does not appear, as it does (with many other audio sources) in the Shot Audio Source menu.

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  • T Held The idea of program audio presents some concerns. If you're sending program out then the host and other guests have no means to talk to the person speaking "off air" (in the Dashboard).

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  • We are still working this out. The issue is, we have a production mix, with several live mics, which are also time delayed (in Wirecast), to account for delay from WiFi video camera (due to video compression). It is somewhat complex, but we don't wan to feed the Wirecast audio output to the Rendezvous guest, since that will include their audio, delayed. Make sense?

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  • T Held Yes. Wirecast can create a mix minus for local monitoring but that doesn't help for remote guests of course. As for as delay for individual sources, Wirecast allows to have a separate delay for each source in Shots.

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