Switch Glitch?

Playing an export from Avid Media Composer.  Exported as XDCam HD 50Mbps.  The video plays forward and backward just fine.  When I use the arrow key to back up frame-by-frame, also fine.  But when I hold the back arrow key down, I get what you see in the attached image.  Is this just a playback glitch or should I be worried about the integrity of the exported video?  BTW, it's only the XDCam exports that doe this.  If I use Switch to play MXF files, I don't get this issue.  Any thoughts?  

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  • Please confirm you're own Switch 4.1.1?
    Can you test the XDCAM HD file in Avid (or another NLE doing the same play method)? I suspect it may just be decode (playback) issue when using a slow play reverse.

  • CraigS Hey Craig, No, I haven't purchased switch.  I'm on 3.0.3.  4 is a paid upgrade, right?  I have tested the XDCAM file in Avid and other players and it does not do that.  Thanks.

  • Dave Davis The file itself is probably OK. If the behavior in Switch is a cause for concern you may want to see if it's fixed in 4.1.1 (test with the trial version).

  • CraigS Thanks!  Great advice.  Cheers!!

  • Dave Davis You're welcome of course.

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