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While recording a lecture of about 90 minutes, my laptop ran out of disk space. As a result, ScreenFlow failed to return to the main window and didn't save the recording.

I have rescued a 50 GB .scc file from the default scratch folder. However, so far I have not been able to recover the contents. I tried the following:

- Dragging the .scc file to the ScreenFlow app in the Dock -> An empty document is shown.

- Dragging the .scc file to the main window (media library) -> An empty document is shown.

- Replacing an existing .scc file in a ScreenFlow document with the copied one. -> A warning about a corrupt .scc file is shown.

Unfortunately, none of these attempts have succeeded. 

Is there any technique to recover the file contents? I am working as a computer science professional, so I am open to any technical suggestion (except for reverse-engineering the proprietary .scc format).

I am using ScreenFlow 7.3 (31012) with the default scratch folder on OSX 10.13.4 

Best regards, Konrad


ps. Note that if the recording is irrecoverably broken, I am tempted to change to another product for screen recording. Running out of space during a recording seems like an average problem that should be tackled by ScreenFlow without complete data loss. 

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  • Here's my question: After having lost a VERY important training session that ran longer than I expected, when SF puked because it ran out of disk space, I was left with a 1.2GB SCC file after indicating I wanted it saved. WHY DOES THIS FILE EVEN EXIST/SAVE IF IT IS COMPLETELY WORTHLESS TO SALVAGE ANY OF THE CONTENT?

    This is an astoundingly important point of application "half-bakedness"/failure that has apparently existed for years and Telestream has STILL not managed to address it??? IT IS A BUG! IT IS A FAILURE! Talk about giving the big middle finger to your captive users. 

      • Simon Sturmer
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      • sstur
      • 1 yr ago
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      Suzanne Raphael I feel you on the pain of losing a training session. It's happened to me before. Now days, I record the session on Zoom as a [low quality] backup in case my Screenflow lets me down. Obv this only works when I'm training on Zoom, but the fact that I have to think about a secondary way of recording my session is indicative how trust in Screenflow has eroded, which is unfortunate.

      I still have copies of my old corrupt SCC files in the hopes that one day a recovery tool might be released and I can recover something from these old lost sessions.

      Let us know if you come up with any working solution!

      • CraigSModerator
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      Suzanne Raphael The issue with running out of hard drive space is the only way to check and prevent that uses so many system resources that the check itself would create problems.

      We continue to work on trying to improve file recovery. 
      In ScreenFlow 10 Shift Help

      We do have built-in timed stop recording feature so you can set a max and close the file before it crashes.


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