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We've been using Wirecast with a Macbook Pro and 2,3,4 camera productions for a long time. We just upgraded to Wirecast 8, and are having serious lag issues. We click a camera shot, and it takes a while to appear in preview. We cut to it, and it takes a while to go live. This has happened in all three of our Wirecast laptops. Only since Wirecast 8 upgrade.


Any ideas?


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  • Perhaps reset preferences. Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but select Reset Preferences on the lower left.
    Start Wirecast and test the cameras sources in a new blank document.
    If you haven't changed the cameras or capture devices, there shouldn't be any change.
    Depending on the capture devices you may need to update the drivers.
    OS might also be a factor relative to drivers. I'd recommend 10.12.6 or 10.13.1
    If you're using a document created in an earlier version you may need to create a new document.
    Make sure you're using Wirecast 8.1.

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  • We are using Wirecast 8.3 and are having the exact same issue.

    A new document was created. Same result, and like Imry Halevi, this started happening only after Wirecast 8 came along.

    No changes on cameras and capture devices.

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  • Webneticos Given that we haven't seen reports since last posted to this thread it's possible the issue has been fixed. Please update to Wirecast 10.1 and test.

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